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VIC International Island Classic at PI Australia Day Weekend

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by Dazzler, Jan 14, 2015.

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    This is a sensational weekends entertainment, an international racing event with a club feel.
    There are some amazing names riding too. . .
    Flyer Link

    "Records are made to be broken - and this Australia Day’s big historic bike meet, the Australian Motorcycle News International Island Classic at Phillip Island, is about to set some serious record-breaking marks ! We’ve an astonishing 526 bikes entered – increasing from 490 in 2014; and a massive 56 races on the agenda – up from 44 previously. The biggest roll up in the event’s 22 year history proves the popularity of the event amongst all lovers of bikes – and lovers of racing on and off the grid. A haul of retired greats are champing at the bit to compete at Australia’s world famous motorcycle mecca and prove they’ve still got the talent and verve of their competitive past - especially when pitted against today’s young guns."

    For Australia:
    Cameron Donald, Robbie Phillis, Jed Metcher, Shaun Giles, Ryan Taylor, Steve Martin. . . . .

    Some international names:
    John McGuinness, Jeremy McWilliams, Connor Cummins, Ryan Farquar, Mike Edwards, plus a whole lot more

    If you have any interest in great racing on a wide variety of the best bikes of their time, you have to try to get down to PI on the Australia Day Weekend.
  2. Phil's going down again and taking the famous ShadowFax racer with him..
  3. Well, I'm riding to bright with NedNed , not spectating :couchpotato:. Nevertheless, sounds like a great weekend, maybe worth a group ride down there for at least one of the days??
  4. No sidecars. Cut the best bit away.
  5. No room in the schedule apparently. 520 bikes entered!!!
    a shame though, I agree.
    However, a great weekend, great bikes, great racing. . . but the Poms won!!!!