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International Island Classic 22-23/01/11

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nobby, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. yep it's on again this weekend at the Island, http://www.phillipislandcircuit.com.au/file_admin/2011_IC_ Event_Schedule.pdf and here's just some fo the riders (and machines) involved.

    Shawn Giles (highly-modified 1300cc Vincent V-twin Superbike)
    Jeremy McWilliams (Suzuki XR69 F1),
    Steve Martin (Suzuki Katana Superbike),
    Malcolm Campbell (Suzuki RG500),
    Robbie Phillis (Suzuki Katana Superbike),
    Isle of Man TT victors Cameron Donald and Irish champion Ryan Farquhar (both Suzuki XR69 F1).

    I'm going (with camera in hand) but will be by car as my son does still not have enough movement in his leg to able to ride, but it looks to be a great day.
  2. Graeme Crosby may be riding demo laps too.

  3. Jeez, Croz is only 3 yrs younger than me, but by eck he's lived a few lives, be great to watch him throw a few bikes around again.
  4. let's see if he shows up. mightn't happen, but there will be heaps of other good stuff.
  5. yep. Crox was there with bells on, but MC & RP kept him under control.....
    BTW Nobby, are you the original Nobby, as in the Pakenham boyzz?
  6. Twas a good day in the sun, came home with around 700 pics, (still trolling through them) great sounds, even greater sights and plenty of room on the fence line to take happy snaps.
  7. good on you nobby, what a name. look forward to seeing some of the pics.
    cheers Su.
  8. just a couple of happy snaps fom the 700 taken

    Attached Files:

  9. What is bike 42 in the second pic? Looks tiny, or else ridden by a giant?
  10. and 3 more

    Attached Files:

  11. That would be Michael Dobson from Tassie on his Yamaha Bultaco Special giving a bunch of RD250's a bloody good shake up.

    Dobsons race's in the 250 Post Classic series and all the rest are 250 Forgotten Era.
  12. Thanks nobby - love the sidecar pic too, right "in the moment" there (y)
  13. yeah one way to keep the wife under control, that's John and Chrissie Clancy