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VIC International Driving Permit (IDP)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by millsom, May 9, 2007.

  1. I’ve just obtained my full motorcycle licence (VIC) and therefore will need to wait 12 months until I’m unrestricted. As a Victorian licence holder under probation I’m unable to ride a larger less powerful bike than the FZR250R I’m currently riding. I’m hoping to purchase a brand new Royal Enfield in Aril next year and was thinking up of participating in a two week Enfield motorcycle tour of India. What better way to get to know the motorcycle and decide whether it is for me or not and see part of another country at the same time.

    So here is the question:

    Is this idea of an Enfield motorcycle tour of India unattainable as you require an International Driving Permit (IDP) to ride legally in that country? An IDP is:

    …a translation of your driver's licence, and must be accompanied by a valid Australian Driver's Licence at all times. International Driving Permits (IDPs) entitle the holder to drive motor vehicles specified in the IDP and in all counteracting countries without further examination.

    I’m restricted to a 260cc motorcycle here in Victoria, does this apply in India or other overseas countries? Could I ride a 350cc Enfield in India legally with an IDP? Are Victorian probationary motorcyclists restricted to 260cc motorcycle overseas, even though these bikes can be ridden under the LAMS in NSW, S.A and now TAS by probationary and restricted licence holders in those states?

    Any comments from people with IDP experience are appreciated.
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  4. Well he has been to much worse places than India and has been to India before. Probably the best bet to ring up RACV as I think they issue the international licenses.
  5. Definately get travel/medical insurance but be sure to check the fine print. I know last time I went OS insurance did cover motorcycle accidents provided I was licenced to ride in Australia. They might use the fact your technically not allowed to ride >260cc here as an excuse to weasel out of paying if something does go wrong. I reckon somewhere like India you could easily rent and ride a motorcycle without any form of licence, just have a few bucks handy for "bribe money" if needed.
  6. I will be going to Japan in a few months, and will look into hiring a motorbike for a week to ride. When I leave for Japan, I would've just come off my motorcycle L's, and having a full Victorian car licence, I will be promoted to a full motorcycle licence with 12mth restrictions.

    When I apply for the IDP, will it state that I have a full motorcycle licence, or a restricted licence? This will matter, because some places will only hire bikes to full international licence holders. It will also affect what kind of insurance coverage I can get.

    Thanks in advance ;)
  7. I believe it should say you have a full licence, it technically is a full licence according to instructors
  8. Use the search function and post in the correct forum. Your thread has been moved and merged.

    When you apply for an IDP at your states Auotomobile Association, you must produce a full drivers licence. IDP's are not issued to holders of learner permits or other restricted use licences. The IDP is required in Japan and is carried together with your full driver licence.

    You are best advised to contact your AA for further enquiries rather than asking on this forum. If you wish to, update the thread once you have spoken to them.

    Neither. There is no need to.

  9. Okay, thanks. I saw this thread, but it was from 7 years ago, and may be outdated info? Regardless, I'll see what RACV say and I'll update the info here.
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    Edit - didn't notice date of OP but information is still relevant. For the new poster, you can get an IDP with your provisional licence. There is nowhere for including any restrictions on the IDP.

    An IDP is not a licence in itself, nor anything fancy like a card, it's just a basic paper booklet with translations and your photo pasted in the back. It has simple categories:

    A/ Motorcycles (with/without sidecar, or three wheeler, to 400kg)
    B/ Cars (to 8 seats, 3.5GVM, light trailer)
    C/ Rigid truck (>3.5GVM, light trailer)
    D/ Bus (>8 seats, light trailer)
    E/ B, C, or D with a heavy trailer (ie. semi-trailer/combination)

    So you'll just have A stamped, there's nowhere to add restrictions. So in practice you can ride what you want anywhere (bar Australia), regardless of what your licence says. That also allows someone with a LR to drive a HR, or a HC to drive an MC. But in reality:

    a/ Most countries will just want to see your actual licence, and the IDP is invalid without it anyway. They may try to cause grief over conditions (I had no problems in Europe) even though they really can't do anything about them.
    b/ Your travel insurance in Australia will be invalid if you don't follow it exactly. The capacity restrictions (like <250cc etc.) if listed are obvious to follow, the messy part is 'licenced to drive'. You could argue you IDP makes you licenced to drive that bike in India - I'd want it in writing before considering myself covered.
    c/ The insurance on the bike may or may not cover you depending on how the policy is written. You may also encounter problems if you cause an accident somewhere along the line. You're opening up a poorly defined can of worms.

    In short, you'll be fine if you don't stack. Then you might find yourself in a world of pain.