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International drivers licence... how to get cheap

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. The knobgobblers at NRMA want $40 to issue a international drivers licence and it only lasts a year and i have to supply my own photo.

    Thats dearer than the RTA for a real licence I think, pretty bad when you extort more than the government. Its $15 in the US of course.

    Anyway, anyone know how to get a cheap one?
  2. Pretty sure they can only be issued by a national motoring association. I got one a few years ago for about $20 from the RAC in WA, sucks to live in Sydney I guess. :p
  3. Where are you going? I got one for Italy a few years back, and whilst I never needed to produce it, I found out later they'd accept my Australian license anyway.
  4. Doing a campervan trip in france Spain and Portugal in july. Havent bothered to read up yet but anyone know if I need one?
  5. I am going to south america, I need one as i plan to cross borders. I really dont want to get stuck at some remote border, Yeah I never got one for italy.

    Typical that it is sydney prices. Oh well i got my rant off I do feel a little better.
  6. I've driven all through France without one. Rented a car there too at the time. They recommend it, because English isn't their first language, but I don't think its necessary. Check with the motor home rental people.

    Yeah, I'd get one for South America. The police there sometimes have an "attitude". ;)
  7. I rented a car in Brazil without 1 but no I didn't cross any borders.
  8. Thanks guys. I know that it will cost me more in bribes as i am going for months i still didnt want to pay $40 for 5 minutes work so figured I would ask. Never know.
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  11. Of course you could look at it by saying that they make money from people being tricked into getting them.
  12. Most countries have a 3 month leniency period (or similar). I wouldn't bother if I was just travelling.

    Besides most countries have no way of dealing with travellers anyway. So it's too much hassle for the cops. Singapore is the only place I hear that won't let you out if you have a recent outstanding fine.

    $40 doesn't sound too dear to me. Cost of a case of beer. Still, I think I only paid $30 a year ago. So that's a 33% increase in a year.

    I forgot to renew mine when I went back this time, I'm going to have to get a Malaysian licence. Damn hassle.
  13. Worth having, it can be a hassle in countries where English isn't the first language otherwise. Your Aus license looks like gobbledy gook to them.
  14. Can't afford the $40 even after selling your kwaka?

  15. You've never been to the NGE site then?

    Bitches on that site will whinge over being charged 50 cent to put a different sauce on their burger at a production burger joint.
  16. I have an international licence, which I got from the NRMA.
    I did not have to use it or show it for my recent trip to the USA/Canada; however, I was informed prior to travelling that rental companies may request one.

    The other side, was If I was pulled over by the authorities for any traffic offences, It would be better to have an internation licence rather than an Australian state licence and then be fined for unlicenced driving. (Think, the reverse situation here, if you were involved in an accident with an international visitor and they produced a licence from some third world country, where car ownership is very low and parts of the country don't have roads).

    So, for $40, save yourself any headaches. you invest alot of $$$$ and time into planning a trip.

    Also, get decent travel insurance, I was warned off insurance that is attached as part of your mastercard/visa; however, look into it.
    It was a personal choice for me.

    Enjoy your trip.

  17. Justus, you woudn't believe how expensive petrol is here...

    Account details on their way.
  18. Its five minutes work for an unskilled lackey. Thats more than you charge per hour as a lawyer isnt it? Are you worth less than a unskilled desk person at NRMA?

    If it was a fair amount for the work provided I would have no issue. I am going to get one though.

    Cant take your money. Can I swap the $40 for a get out of ban free card if I stop whining on this isssue? Though Ill be offline for a bit probably, only stop by just to make sure everyone remembers how bad Triumphs are.
  19. I paid $5000 for that and got $4900.

    Try that on a Triumph,
  20. Probably going to get banned from my own thread for that.