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International bike shipping

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by roundabout, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. anyone know how to ship a motorcycle from singapore, or preferably indonesia, to new zealand? a friend on a round the world trip is trying to do this but hasn't had any luck so far. can ship to australia no problems, but he may not get a visa so may have to skip australia and go direct to nz


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  3. Can't really answer your question but on a related topic...
    I would NOT recommend Vero Marine Insurance.
    They d1cked me around no end when I needed to claim after having stuff shipped from NZ to Melb.
  4. thanks, have already talked to dave, he specialises in aus to nz
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  6. AMCN frequently runs articles about travelling OS with your motorcycle. Why not give them a call and see what they recommend??

    Number is

    (02) 8268 4699
  7. This is like an online broker, enter the country of origin and the destination, and a list of shippers will appear:
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  9. Roundabout,

    I used to be in freight forwarding a while back and from memory anything that would come out of Indonesia was a pain in the ass. Reasons are as follows. They applied to us in Australia and I am sure they would apply to New Zealand as well.....

    -- Freight Forwarders love one off "Personal Effects" jobs because they would often charge triple to quadripple to freight something than they would one of their million dollar clients.

    -- Anything that would come out of Indonesia would be targeted by Quarantine, mainly because of the bodgy fumigation certificates issued by Indonesian Fumigation Companies. I remember seeing Fumigation Certificates by people who brought over furniture to see their furniture eaten out by termites on the trip over, sad. Quarantine inspection = extra charge. If quarantine don't pass it, they used to automatically send ex Indonesian freight that was crated straight to fumigation here which equals more charges. Why fumigate a motorcycle? Not the motorcycle, the crate it would be packed in. They use real crappy wood with bark still on it. Bark in Quarantine's eyes is a no-no.

    -- Also, being a motorcycle, Quarantine again to check on steam cleaning of vehicle. Checks would always be done to make sure tyres were steam cleaned, can't bring in soil and mud from overseas. If they saw any dirt on tyres, straight to fumigation, more charges.

    -- Import duties, plus motor vehicle duties, blah blah blah. Delivery Orders, Customs Releases, Quarantine Releases, Freiight Charges to Shipping agency, plus local freight charges.

    My opinion is that it is not worth it. Being a one off it would go into what's called an LCL container, which means "Loose Container Load", which means it could be in a container with anything else that didn't make it in a Full Container. So that motorcycle could be in a container along side 2 tonnes of loose steel rods that, if not packed properly could collapse inside the container. You get my drift. I remember opening up container doors and appalled at how they would pack their containers. Just don't care cause it's not their problem once the doors are shut and the customs seal is put on.

    Just make sure that whoever ends up doing it, doesn't rip you off, cause I remember feeling guilty processing somebodies paperwork, knowing damn well that they were getting ripped off big time and telling them so, and instructing them how to do it next time, easier and a little cheaper. People that were in Bali on holidays and seeing how cheap the furniture was, they buy it, get sucked in about freight charges etc, then having all these extra charges on this end.....

    My suggestion would be to sell it over there or leave it, and buy or hire.

    Freight forwarders fall in the same category as second hand car salesmen, unless you will bring them lots and lots of business they don't care about you.

    I was one of the good guys though. Would try to always keeping charges to a minimum and I'd make up the difference from an arsehole client. I especially looked out for them "Personal Effects" people, cause they were always nearly in tears when they would come to do paperwork. The same old story of.."They told me over there that there wouldn't be any more charges"..

    If a customer wasn't an arsehole and they had a motor vehicle coming in, I would hose the tyres down for them so Quarantine would pass it. Make it look like it was steam cleaned.

    Hope this helped you.


    ZZR250 PUP
  10. get the mate to sell it in Indo, travel to NZ and buy a similar or same bike there, make sure it looks the same and take some "proof"photos, the folks back home will never know the difference!!!!
  11. I used to be in the industry as well as pack containers.
    Unless you were there packing the container, i'd say dont do it.

    PWW is right. It's someone elses problem the minute those doors are shut.

    After packing many containers I used to say to myself, pitty the poor sucker that opens those doors.

    It mattered not how it got out, it just had to fit. It was not unusual to get 35m3 into a 20 footer that only held 32m3.
  12. Who did you work for Vic?
  13. Kalgin International Freight Services.

    They take the award for worst employer of the century.
  14. I was with Australian Freight Services in Plummer St, Port Melbourne back in the day. AFS don't exist anymore. Sucked up by Multi Nationals.

  15. thanks for the advice, looks like its going to be a nightmare.

    unfortunately i am asking for a friend who is on a round the world motorcycle trip, dumping the bike is not an option (the bike is actually sponsiored so he would have to keep it going and return it to the us). I had worked out some good info for him when he was originally shipping to darwin from dili (perkins shipping), but now looks like he may not get into australia, so direct to nz is the next best option.

    i've only found one mob willing to take it on and they're asking US$3000 door to door. seems expensive, but i don't have anything to compare it to.

    oh well, will keep looking.

    btw, don't use the international shipping links in the netrider links, they are spam merchants
  16. International shipping is serious money. When myself and the missus were relocating from Ireland, we were quoted $12000 for about 75% of a 20' container. You could get it cheaper, but you want to get it there in one piece. Can I ask why his sponsors don't pay for shipping (or at least part of it) as its them that want it back?
  17. he got a new bike to use, that was it, pretty good deal really
  18. Yeah, Good ol AFS. Now known as Vangard Logistics Services but still referred to as AFS.

    You'd know my sister then? Helen :)