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[International] Are the Americans brave enough...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. ... to elect either a woman, or a black man???

    I would think that no matter how on the nose George Bush might be, John McCain still stands a very good chance in conservative America on this basis...


  2. I sometimes wonder if it's no so much a question of which is most likely to win, but which is least likely to be assassinated before the end of their first term.
    Much of conservative America is very conservative......and they have guns.
  3. That's easy; they just have to stay away from grassy knolls :LOL:.
  4. If I had a loose thousand bucks, I'd be betting it on McCain right now. Well, I'd actually have done so the moment John Edwards dropped out.

    I'm no fan of the Republicans, just a pessimist.
  5. I used to swap emails on a regular basis with someone from the States and was, for a while, on his general mailing list.

    What absolutely floored me was the phenominal amount of emails that flew around prior to the last election of a completely libellous and scandalous nature. In the good old US of A, around 90% of his regular traffic was of a frighteningly extreme right or left bias. Bigotry, racism, sexism, gun-laws - it was quite incomprehensible how these people communicated (and this was a fairly run-of-the-mill 'non political' individual).

    I managed eventually to offend a sufficiently large number of Americans to get taken off all of their mailing lists, but I have to say that I've really not trusted them since.

    It's only my opinion, and sorry if I've offended anyone, but I'll bet you that there's some right scary stuff going around middle-class America at the moment.

    Black or female? Who cares? The most corrupt with the most money will win :roll:
  6. And theatres ;).
  7. And the Washington Hotel. :wink:
  8. It's not like you have to win the election to become the president anyway! :p
  9. Yes assasinating presidents seems a past time in the USA.

    Successful assassinations

    Abraham Lincoln
    James A. Garfield
    William McKinley
    John F. Kennedy

    Unsuccessful assassination attempts

    Andrew Jackson
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Harry S. Truman
    John F. Kennedy
    Richard M. Nixon TWO
    Gerald R. Ford TWO
    Jimmy Carter
    Ronald Reagan
    George H.W. Bush [suspect?]
    Bill Clinton [suspect?]
    George W. Bush [suspect?]

    Bloody hell :shock: :shock:
  10. I've long wanted a t-shirt that says 'Bring back American Presidential Assassinations'
    Bad taste??? Probably. :grin:

    or instead of, 'I have a gun, and I vote'
    change it to, 'My gun votes for me'

    Guns come with a safety switch, which makes them slightly less dangerous than some people.

  11. I'd just like to point out that Hornet has posted in the wrong forum.

    Shame on you.
  12. Shoot him!

    :oops: err sorry, it just comes out.
  13. You have two choices and you're damned by them both.

    This was posted in Politics, under the heading of International. That it is in Off Topic now is because someone has arbitrarily exercised the power to do so.... :roll:

    If you think it started in Off Topic, then you're still wrong.
  14. I was watching 'The Daily Show' last night and he was taking the piss out of the current attack on Obama as being elitist. John Stewart was interested to know which one of the multi millionaires was less out of touch...
  15. Hornet
    Politics and the law is the forum for motorcycling aspects of politics and the law.
    As the moderator of that forum I exercised the right to move this to the appropriate forum which is "off topic."
    If you notice I have no jurisdiction in this forum so I don't care what happens to this thread from this point on.

    I can sit there and do the roll eyes thingy but seeing as you did it whilst looking in the mirror there is no reason to.
    Please keep up with the T&c's.

  16. smee, plenty of non-motorcycling political topics have been in this forum in the past, but be that as it may, I take your point about this particular thread. Thanks for the clarification.
  17. Lots of those were before I became a mod of that section Paul. Buggered if I'm gonna go back and clean em up.
  18. Now, now, children... :p

  19. Is this forum actually called "battle of the moderators"... what's more important, interesting "content", or "process"?

    Back on topic, if America elected either a woman, or a black man, I'd eat my laptop. The geriatric war vet is a certainty come election time.
  20. If anyone heard Henry Rollins on Spoonman the other week, he summed it up nicely.

    Wait for the US to take military action against Iran - this will likely occur a few months before the election.

    McCain will then use this as ammo to fuel his campaign, saying stuff like "Do you want us to now run with our tail between our legs" blah blah - when the going to gets tough - the American public get conservative.

    McCain will win, and the same thing will happen with him as happened with Bush - the public will realise they have been bamboozled into electing a war mongering idiot.