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International accessory stores

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FluxCapacitard, Jun 15, 2016.

  1. Hi All.

    New biker here, and looking for some recommendations for reputable international stores to source some gear from. They do seem to have a wider range, and are about the same in price, so thought it might be worth exploring. I did search for previous threads, but since they were a bit dated I thought it might be worthwhile asking the question again.

    I do know of FCMoto and Revzilla – are there any others that might be suitable to look into?

    Any suggestions is much appreciated, thanks.

  2. I guess it depends on what you want, but why don't you try and keep local merchants in a job and look locally first?
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  3. Thanks for your reply. I will be sourcing some gear locally (eg Helmet), however, I did want to explore the wider range internationally for some of the other gear.

    I do know that some of these threads end up devolving into a Local vs International bang-for-buck fight – I was purely looking for some recommendations based on the experiences of others.
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  4. Depending on what you want - Riders Discount and Sportbike Track Gear are good.

    With the AUD vs USD no longer in our favour it's generally not worth it unless you can't find it here.
  5. I'm All for supporting the local businesses.

    You can negotiate down the marked prices as well and if you want to save money, look out for sales.

    You could buy from Europe as well in which case, the VAT comes off the full price which is a good saving at times.
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  6. Berikbrand.com in Japan have gear on sale at the moment. Ordered 1pc suit, boots and gloves for just under 1K delivered, so no tax. While I'm happy to support local businesses the same gear here would've cost around $1800.
  7. I've used moto mummy extensively when I owned a sports bike. Have also used revzilla a lot also. Customer service from both is outstanding compared to every Aussie retailer I've come across. Dollar isn't in our favour anymore but some things are still worth it.

    I keep trying different Aussie retailers and every single time get screwed somehow or experience crap-tastic service
  8. I agree, the service in most motorbike shops, at least where i live is terrible. when they have inferior service, range, price, and attitude then im sorry but im going online to buy my shit! i keep looking for a reason to buy locally and every time i regret that decision
  9. UK sites seem to be quite good. Postage is generally far less than US sites
  10. Yeh..sometimes the prices here make you baulk.

    I've just placed an order from EM Lineamoto (got a referral from 2 friends and they both were pretty happy with their service).

    When I had the cruiser, I ordered a few accessories from the US and had no issues.