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intermittent operation of N light

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by idontlikemondays, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. ive had this problem for a little while but now ill be selling the 250 soon ill need to fix the little problems like this.
    so the neatral light works fine, except after alot of low speed running, then it will either flicker, or not work at all. it lights up slightly if i give the bike heaps of revs (ie 6-7k rpm im guessing). the main problem is in this predicament, the starter button wont engage, and the clutch switch doesnt work either. can i bypass the clutch switch all together? what might be causing the N light problem? TBH im thinking its the rectifier. when the light stops working, the rubber casing of the rectifier is sticky and will rub off on my glove. or could it be something else?

    also is there anyway to repair a fuel switch which is broken off the fuel cock?

    many thanks in advance!!!

  2. Sounds like a few problems, to be honest. One at a time I guess...

    Neutral light systems are fairly simple. They only consist of the light itself, the wiring to the neutral sensor and the sensor. Because the light is working intermittently, the led/bulb is okay. Maybe. Just chuck it out to be sure and stick a new one in. While you are there make sure the connections are clean and the wire appears good. Next step is probably just a faulty sensor, which is just a remove & replace job.

    Hmm.....start with cleaning the contacts for the starter switch as well. Then check the starter solenoid (ie have the ignition on, bike in neutral and short across the terminals. Should give an indication if all is well.

    Sounds like it could be at fault. Pull it offf and look for signs of overheating. Maybe go ask a wrecker if you can try fitting one of theirs to see if the results are any different. Get a multimeter and test the voltage across the battery terminals with engine off. (Should be ~12.4V). Then do it with engine at a fast idle, and rev it too (should come up to ~13.4V) if it doesn't the battery wont be charging either.

    Don't bother :grin:

    Hope this helps a little

    Disclaimer: As with all things, you pay for what you get. Beware free advice :shock:
  3. N light

    My bike did this, cleaned the contacts in the ignition module, problem fixed
  4. I had a neutral switch die on my old bike, so it can happen. The mechanic replaced it.