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Intermittent electrical prob with GPX

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by trinity, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. I had intermittent prob with bike cutting out as soon as I released the clutch, it wasn't me stalling her, didn't matter how high I got the revs, but it only happened when she was cold. Put a post up & a few replies suggested side stand switch, but then it stopped happening & has never happened since, I put it down to me somehow :roll: .

    Then a few weeks back I was on my way to meet some fellow NR's & at the traffic lights sitting in neutral I lost all elecs, no taco, or lights of any kind, put her in first & took off, intending to pull over once out of the way, she started running really rough & then died, couldn't restart her, then 10 minutes later she starts fine. Fellow NR was good enough to come rescue me then pull her apart & check a few things out didn't find anything wrong. She then ran perfectly for a couple of weeks before the same thing happened again, although this time she didn't die & the elecs came back without me stopping, then once I got home & turned her off she wouldn't start again. Next time I tried she started fine & has been running perfectly every since.

    Today I lost elecs again, I'd started her & as I'm sitting on her putting gloves on the neutral light goes out, jump off & check everything - nothing working but she was running sweet as. Turned her off & straight back on & everything was working.

    I spoke to an auto elec (friend of a friend) last time it happened & he said there was not much point in me taking it to get checked out as it is not a consistent prob & it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack & cost big $$$ for no result.

    So my questions are, could these 2 issues be related somehow & might this help me solve the mystery? If I had to ride her with no elecs (to get home) apart from the obvious traffic risks of no brake lights & no indicators is she likely to die on me like the first time?
  2. Ok, this is a car related response, but could it be the alternator? My Lancer has been doing similar stuff for months, fine for weeks, crap for days on end, then back to fine again - alternator is one it's way out... :?
  3. reg/rec overloadin and overheating, causing voltage drop.
  4. :-k This prob always occurs within minutes of bike being started. Wouldn't something overheating happen after bike had been running for a while?
  5. could be excessive load on the alternator. i serviced an old falcon yeas ago.intermittantly cut out wasn't service in years. gave it new parts and ran like a dream. i think the spark had to jump 1/2 inch in gaps with all the worn parts.
    Carolf. with out being basic is the alternator belt tight?
    see what the bike comes back after the service. it might just need some love
  6. hmmm, maybe a dodgy earth on your coils? intermittent with no real lead-up, and not long after starting suggests as it begins to heat up, something is moving and creating a gap.
    start from the top and work your way down, when she stops, whip out a spark plug and check for spark.
    if there is spark, you move on to fuel...
    if there is no spark, you check your coils. if your coils work, check the charging system....
    does it have a manual choke? or automatic choke? could be deciding to over or under choke the bike on occasion...
  7. it has a manual choke which we checked
    i would like to have spent a little more time and unplug everything and lube it.
    like to see the service report aswell
  8. Thanks for your thoughts, advice is greatly appreciated :grin:

    Booked in for full service next wednesday but I haven't told them about this issue, have been advised not to as it's so infrequent, although it maybe better just to tell them so while thay have parts off they can check out anything that might be an issue. Advice given has been that it could be due to a number of things & could get exy if they start looking & looking & finding nothing. Correct me if I'm wrong but seems like some of the things you guys are suggesting should be covered in the service?

    Am keeping note of everything anyone suggests so that if I get her back & still have prob can work through by process of elimination & either fix it (if it's simple...with help from someone with tools...Chris? :) ) or take it somewhere & be able to give an idea of what prob may be.

    One thing's for sure....there'll be more to this post if she's still having a problem :LOL:
  9. Your bike is trying to impersonate a triumph.
  10. Ooooh a Daytona 675? At least she aims high!

    Although I suspect you are not saying this in a good way :-k
  11. happy to help trinity
    let me know how the service goes and we can look from there
  12. regulator/rectifier, loose connections (check battery connection, grounding points, main power supply wire. basically on a diagram, the trunk that eveything else is connected to.

    if the alternator is stuffed, the battery should be kicking in to power things, unless the rectifier is shorting out. Loose connection, expecially battery wires (fatigue fractures, have seen it happen before [bless the old sigma. It's now a cube])

    "you have 30 minutes to move your cube"
  13. Trinity, if the bike dies as soon as you let the clutch out, your problem is almost certainly related to the side stand switch, the start inhibit switch on the clutch lever or your neutral light switch.

    There's an easy way to check the side stand switch! If you track the cable from the switch to where it goes under the bikes side cover you'll see there are two connectors on the end of the cable. Unplug them both and then plug the two connectors that don't go to the switch into each other. The two connectors that go to the switch can be left loose.

    If this fixes your problem, all you need to do is replace the switch. If the problem is still there or you don't fell confident messing with the wiring PM me and I'll be happy to have a look at it for you.

  14. Thanks Frenzy.

    Definately not side stand switch at the moment.
  15. Frenzy's right. The neutral/side stand circuit are interrelated.

    I be leaning towards neutral cut out.

    pull connections apart, spray wd40 and put back together.

    If it's still no good then temporarily short circuit the lines. If this works then replace the switch.
  16. Just when I was starting to think the phantom prob was solved....at least I know what it is now. Ignition!

    Thanks for all the ideas. I started with the easiest one first, which was next time it happens jiggle the key/ignition barrel...needless to say all electrics came straight back. So I guess I'm going to be replacing it or looking for faulty connection.