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intermittent chugging and spitting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Padril, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. Hi all
    I have a 97 GSXR 600
    and for the past few months I have had this problem where when at about 80KM+ or at least this is when it has happend it sometimes starts to chug and spit and starts to lose power until I put it in 1st and it stalls. and then ill let it sit for 5 mins and idle for another few, and its fine, and it may stay fine for a week or sometimes only 10 mins. So it does not always do it.
    At first I thought it was a fuel problem becaause it was doing it as i got to around 180 KM on the tank, even thoough when i filled it up i still had 6-7 Leters left in the tank, but know it seems to do it no matter if the tank is full or not.

    Does anyone heer have any ideas i took it to a mechanic and he didnt have a clue as to what it was, i got a large service done at the same time and he said the engine looked in great condtion but yeah i dont know how detailed he got with looking for the problem. and its starting to become more frequent.

    on a side note it also seem to start happening when my battery went flat and I charged it up, but ive had no probs with the battery since.
    But i dont know.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    sorry for bad typing and grammer.

    EDIT:I will also add when it does stall all electrics stay one and when i rev the bike the light does brighten.
    And when it does chug and sounds like the rolling of a tounge.
  2. Check:
    Fuel filter, blocked?
    Fuel line, kinked?
    Fuel injected??? If not, carb balance.
    Air filter, is it clogged with shit?

    It sounds like it is starving of fuel, to me.

    That, or check your plugs and leads.

    edit: just saw your addition to your OP.
    I wonder if your reg/reg is shitting itself, causing the EFI (if you have it) to shit itself?
  3. Well I had the large service done not to long ago and they said the air filter was fine, but i dont know if they checked the other stuff. and i did have the carbs balanced. I was thinking the filter or pump because i do fill it to the top.

    I will admit im not mechanical at all what the easy way of checking these things?
  4. Attend a "Spanner Night"
    Failing that, see another mechanic...
  5. Could be lots of reasons, some are mentioned by Joel. This is a long shot but if the tank breather hole in the fuel cap is blocked it can cause a partial vacuum to develop in the tank. This can cause fuel starvation when the fuel gets low. Do you hear a hissssss when you open the filler cap?
    If the tank has a breather tube then that may be kinked. The filler caps have a valve I think which is supposed to stop vapour escaping to the atmosphere but allows air in. If it were temperature related it's unlikely to take that long to warm up enough for any electrical component to break down. It should occur as soon as the bike reaches operating temperature. I think it's fuel related.
  6. I've had a similar problem when we were over at the island for the GP this year. Check your spark plugs are done up as tight as they should be.

    I had one that was only finger tight, it was either left loose or somehow turned it self out. It was letting air in, and causing the bike to stutter like hell from leaning out so much.

    Don't over tighten them, just check they aren't loose.
  7. I dont heer any hissing when i open the petrol cap.
    there is a little hole next to where i put petrol in but its not blocked and i can see though it.

    Yeah Ive had the spark plugs replaced since this problem started so I dont think that will be it.

    THink ill have to take it to another mechanic to have a look at.

    Great more money.
    this bike is starting to cost me a lot of money
  8. With a title like that, this thread will probably end up on the governments internet black list!

    It does sound like a fuel problem, but it is so hard to diferentiate between fuel and spark probs over the net :?
  9. THanks guys.
    THought I might also add then when it happens It wont start unless the choke is on full, generally anyway.

    Sounding more and more fuel related to me. Will be taking to down tommorow.
    Hopefully i make it.
  10. double post
  11. triple post.
    sorry guys.
  12. What's the diagnosis, is it fixed?
  13. I wish I could say it was, but alas no its not
    I didnt end up getting to take it down though
    there wasent as much money as i thought there was in the end, so will have to wait a few weeks.

    Im going to see if there is anything I can do.
    But not knowing anything about bike mechanics I doubht there is.
    is there a easy way of checking the fuel line and spark plugs at all?
  14. Well its been at the mechanic for a few days now and his at a loss.
    I had to go down today and ride it around a little but to get it to misbehave again so the mechanic could fill what it does, got it to do it pretty quick, the mechnic thinks it fuel related apprently its running very rich at the moment, his going to check everything to do with the fuel system and check the lines and and pump and all that, also going to get my carbies cleaned and checked for crap. And make sure there ok
    that will elimante the fuel aspect of it.

    So if it keeps playing up I guess we then have to start looking at the electrics which could get expensive very quick.
  15. Well I got my bike back a couple of days ago, and had the carbies cleaned.
    MY fuel filter was also completly blocked up. so thats been replaced and now the bike is running beautifuly.
    Smoother in general and not lossing any power and dyeing anymore. so hopefully all fixed