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Intermediate/advanced roadcraft course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Siilk, Oct 13, 2015.

  1. It's been about a month since I got my new bike, the Mighty O'Nine and after getting my odo past 20 hundreds I can say I'm feeling comfortable with the power of an 850 now. But I can't help but feel that I'm still the limiting factor in our duo: it's blatantly obvious that she can do much more than I can handle yet. So to improve the situation I'm thinking about taking a cornering and roadcraft course, which brings me to my question: what intermediate/advanced courses in Melbourne area can you guys recommend?

  2. Ride-Tek do a course at Sandown racecourse. Gives you a chance to get to know your bike a bit better. You can open her up a bit, and don't need leathers. See my blog for a little more detail.
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  3. When I last checked with HART in August, their Advanced Rider course was 'suspended' as their track provider was under repairs or similar.
  4. Hmm...They should put it on the website then, isn't it?

    Will check with them late November or Early December as I'm thinking of doing one of these. Thanks for the info.
  5. Broadford's apparently the place to go. But dunno if you need leathers to attend. Also unsure who trains out there. Use your google foo.
  6. Ride-Tek instructors were very helpful I when had my L- and P-plate exams there so I might give them a try with this one as well. And I remember reading some good reviews about HART so it seems to be worth checking out as well. Thanks guys.
    I have a two-piece leather suit, will that be enough or do they require you to wear a racing "onesie"?
  7. Not sure that a full 1 piece leather is required for a training day. It may be required for a track day but better check out the websites and/or call them for more info.
  8. Might be the case might now but PSYKCPSYKC booked HART advanced for November up at Broadford so I know they are taking bookings currently.
    Edit - yes you need leathers and 2 pc is fine.
  9. I've done the HART stuff - very good for what it is.

    Keep in mind HART is more road focused rather than track focused.
    If you're looking for track technique it's pretty much CSS or nothing.
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  10. Or TopRider - depending where you're located and when they're running courses.
  11. Hmmm, Might have to look into HART then, if the courses are back on. Leathers, gunna have to get me some soon me thinks.
  12. Think you can hire leathers (and a hornet) with HART.......
    .......at least you used to able to.
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  13. Yup can hire gear and a bike - CB400 and I think the 600 as per BitSarBitSar
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  14. 2 peice is fine for track as long as they zip together.
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