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Interesting weekend....bit long but quite funny

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by bambam_101, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Well where to start?

    Friday night.

    Got busted speeding on the bike and copped about $500 in fines and 5 demerits. My fault. Cant complain. Kept my license in the end cos the coppa was a decent block and actually said he loved my bike. hehe

    Good start.


    Had to work. That on its own is bad enough.

    Saturday night.

    Well and truely smashed after a bbq at the folks house. Decided to make a trip to the pool place for a few games at about 1am.
    Many many more drinks later and a few ATM visits, me and a mate head outside for a smoke and end up chatting to a group of people out there. Was all good. Nice guys.

    Pub shuts and we go to leave and I realise that my mobile phone is missing. Security and bar staff help me look for it for about 40 minutes or so. No luck. Not happy as it was a brand new nokia navigator. Flag down a taxi and decide to head home. As were driving off, a guy yells out to us and asks where we were going. Told him where and he asked to jump in and continue on after we get dropped off. No problems mate. Sat night of the AFL grand final isnt exactly the easiest time to get a cab.

    A few minutes into the trip, I ask my mate to call my phone again and see if anyone answers. He does.

    My phone starts ringing...............from this guys pocket!!!!!!

    Mates hangs up. Calls again. Phone rings again!!! Complete silence from all in the taxi. Mr taxi driver knew exactly what was happening. Not a word from our new friend in the back seat. :LOL:

    Kindly tell the driver that we would be pulling over here. ALL 3 OF US ARE GETTING OUT. New friend in back seat says "oh, its like that is it?"

    Mate and I look at each other and both say at the same time "yep!".

    Taxi pulls over, I jump out with this guy. I proceed to smack the snot out of him whilst my mate pays for the taxi. When i finish, my mate runs up and takes over. Nothing too serious. Just a small beatdown to let him know what he did was wrong. He actually says to us "Im not a thief! You guys seem like ok blokes and if I had of known it was your phone, I wouldnt have stolen it". hahhhahaa

    Anyways, we finish up and walk away. He was fine. Probably a bit sore but we werent gonna take it any further. We cross the road and this bloke gets up, rips his shirt off and yell out to us "you fu$#ing wankers....you both hit like girls" and a few other things along those lines.

    So we turned around and walked straight back over and punch the snot out of him again. Idiot.

    Twas a weird old weekend. But i still have my license and my phone. :LOL:
  2. Pretty standard for Melbourne on Grand Final Night, I would have thought :rofl:.
  3. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: [-o< [-o<

    mate. what a night!!! what a tosser really.... get hit for taking someones phone.... then tell them they hit like girls when they walk away. :facepalm: classic!
  4. LOL.

    well at least you had fun :)
  5. hahaha.. thats classic!!! sounds like someone obviously beat him senseless once before huh.. what a retard.
  6. well, as you tell it, that is some funny shit! :LOL:
  7. Shame about the fine, the rest sounds good though!

    Good on you for giving the guy what was coming to him, I know a guy like that and he needs a good beat down.

    My weekend revolved around saturday night, which I've still got a hangover from now, nuf said.
  8. Hahahahahahahaha that was hilarious! Brilliant work! Hahahahahaha!

    ...except the speeding ticket bit.

    But still... Thanks for making my day, great story. "You hit like girls!" BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ten points sir!
  9. Some people are just stupid arent they. Ive had similar happen countless times. You go easy on someone to try to keep yourself out of jail and they just can keep their mouth shut. I think you summed it up nicely with "idiot"
  10. I still remember the look of "oh shit, that wasnt a good idea" in his eyes when we walked back over for the second round.

    The guy curled up into a ball and reached out to grab his t-shirt. Then pulls his t-shirt over his head for some reason whilst he was on the ground. Dunno if he was trying to protect himself with it or if he figured that if he couldnt see us then we couldnt see him? hahaha.

    Seriously, thinking about it tho, what are the odds of him jumping in the taxi with the bloke he stole the phone from! Sounds like something from a movie! :LOL: :LOL:
  11. Karma at its finest. :grin:
  12. human instinct.


    you didn't hear him cry out for mummy and observe him sucking his thumb?
  13. Hhaahahha awesome.

    +20 bonus points for going back again.

    Shame about the fine, but retrieving the phone (and getting some payback) makes up for it!
  14. Hahahaha that is just awesome. :LOL:
  15. geez - I hope the guy didn't just happen to legitimately find the phone.

    I found a couple of phones in my time, held onto them, they rang, I answered, they came and got the phone, and were genuinely thankful for my honesty.
  16. Stole a phone then didn't have the sense to leave the scene.
    Didn't have the sence to turn it off.
    Didn't pay enough attention to not get into a Taxi with the victem of his theft.
    Didn't have the sense to Run Like hell as soon as teh Taxi stopped.
    Didn't have the sense to keep his mouth shut after taking one beating.
    What a F$%kwit!
    Seriosly had you killed him he would have been up for a Darwin award.
  17. I'd say he'd been ignoring calls till he got around to changing sim cards.

    Certainly had it coming.

    Nice work. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Admitted he stole it. Punishment justified. He got off lightly IMO.
  19. Ahhh - I missed that bit, sorry.
  20. That part cracked me up. Trying to justify stealing by saying that if he'd known bambam & co were such good blokes, he wouldn't have thieved from them! So, if they weren't good blokes, it would've been okay to steal from them??? :LOL: