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Interesting technology

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jaytee, Nov 27, 2015.

  1. The Varia Rearview Radar is helping alert cyclists’ to the threat of approaching vehicles
    November 27, 201510:07am
    The two small devices saving the life of cyclists’


    CYCLING without bike paths is a scary task, but it is a harsh reality many of us face on a daily basis.

    The ever-present fear a collision with an approaching car is sometimes enough to make people stay off the bike all together.

    But now there is an amazing solution and it doesn’t involve fitting your bike with daggy rear vision mirrors.

    Innovative GPS technology developer Garmin has created a simple, but effective method to keep cyclists safe on the road.

    The Varia Rearview Radar does just as the name suggests and alerts riders to vehicles approaching them from behind.

    It works by using a radar tail light, which has been designed to detect cars at distances up to 140m.

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    This information is then sent to the radar display unit situated on the handlebars of the bike, which uses LED lights to demonstrate the distance between the rider and up to eight approaching vehicles.

    As the vehicles get closer, the LED light will move up the radar and change colour to indicate the cyclist’s current threat level — green for none, amber for caution and red for danger.

    Impressively the unit is smart enough to differentiate between the traffic going the other direction and parked cars meaning you won’t receive an unnecessary scare.

    The product retails for $A389 as a bundle, although if you already own a compatible cycling computer you can wirelessly integrate the stand-alone radar tail light dropping the price down to $A259.

    As far money is concerned, it’s well worth the investment for peace of mind on the road if nothing else.

    So, if you are a cyclist looking for added protection, it’s hard to go past this product life saving product.

    On behalf of bike riders everywhere, thank you Garmin.

    Garmin Bike Radar locks onto the back of your bike and handlebars.Source:News Corp Australia

  2. Waste of money unless you are deaf. And then what good does it do you? It won't tell you how much space the vehicle behind plans to leave you. It's why as a cyclist, I feel more vulnerable than as a motorcyclist. You just have to have faith the vehicles will not run into the back of you.
  3. So, as a cyclist, it tells you that a vehicle is approaching from behind so you can move over of the middle of the road?
    Something tells me there's a simpler solution but I can't put my finger on it...
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  4. Ok... so how does this thing differentiate between a car that is passing you and one that is about to mow you down? And if it could differentiate the difference, I'm 99.9% sure it would be far too late for you to take evasive action.
  5. I see the problem, in the Vid they are both on the wrong side of the road. ;)
  6. It's like the missile lock function on a fighter plane..




  7. Or you could just put a facking mirror on your bike.
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  8. Didn't you read the OP? Mirrors are daggy! ;)

    $5 mirror vs $389 device (which would probably get stolen off your bike if you left it anywhere) - the answers obvious: Get a RAM mount on the handlebars - attach a gopro to the back of your helmet and view the video footage on your iPad in the RAM mount, all at the cheap price of around $1,200. ;-)
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  9. that's easy, they're all about to mow you down :D
  10. Fair point but if a mirror is daggy, WTF is wearing a hi viz lycra baby grow (as modeled by the plum in the screen grab)?
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  11. ^^^ ROFL - you had me in stitches! Sooo true.
  12. *Beep*


    *Beep beep*
    *Beep beep beep*
    *Beep beep beep beeeeeeepppppp*
  13. Haven't you seen? Anyone with these bikes does not have a bike lock. They never leave it anywhere out of sight. Who would when the bikes are often worth $15K+!!!

    Me, I ride a POS that I bought for $40 and rebuilt myself. Worth it's weight in gold when cruising past guys with "more money than legs".
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  14. $15K? And they have to peddle it themselves. Strewth - did I get a deal on my bike. ;-)

    I never did understand the idea of buying a more expensive lighter bike when the idea is to excersize more. I would have thought the heavier and harder - the better. To me it's like going to a gym and wanting lighter weights as you go more. :) There must be a reason i guess - ultra light frames seem to be very popular.
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