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Interesting smells

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nickt, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Been meaning to post this since I got my bike, as it's something I never noticed when I was in my car.

    Has anyone noticed particular smells when they ride past somewhere, which they would never otherwise notice unless they were on a bike? (and not riding behind a god damn garbage truck :p )

    In Sydney heading north just over the Harbour Bridge, just as you pass the toll gates (for the people heading south) I can always smell some kind of curry/rich Indian food. I've got no idea where it comes from, as I have 4 lanes of roads on either side of me with concrete barriers.

    Oh, and the Pyrmont fishmarkets aren't really nice to ride past every morning :?

    Would be interesting to hear what others have experienced :grin:
  2. The tanning works as you hit the Ring Road from the Westgate Freeway in Melbourne. Stinks!!!

    And was outin the bush once and copped a really bad smell then 100m later a dead kangaroo on side of the road.

    But wet bushland smells really good.
  3. Dead animals before I see them and paddocks full of cows. Yep it's still reasonable 'country' around here.
  4. I tend to be responsible for the strongest smells in most areas I visit.
  5. yes. I was riding in the CBD the other day & this old guy in a suit was smoking a spliff!!!
    not to mention getting stuck behind garbage trucks :(
  6. Hahahaha i thought i was the only one that noticed the bridge smells like curry there haha.

    Going through Warrick Farm just past the race course but before the tennis courts/hotel when heading towards the city on the Hume it sometimes smells minty.

    Also going down Moorebank Ave heading towards Newbridge road there is a bread factory, sometimes when i have passed they are making the raisin bread - smells great.
  7. Some of the smells around town are pretty bad. I agree with the wet bush land smell, makes riding even better.

    However, coming home at night through Majura Road on to Dairy Flat Road, damn!!! Road kill and sewage.

    The other thing which I notice more is the cool and warm spots as you ride along at night.
  8. I have new brakes.

    They smell funny.
  9. The one at warwick farm smells like weed haha. Going past a st in homebush it either smells like cookies or spag bowl.
  10. Melrose drive in Tullamarine, first the takeaway chicken place, greasy cooking smells and then just a bit further along a distinct smell of industrial solvent from a nearby factory.

    The smell travelling down Beach rd in Melbourne as the wind blows the fresh sea air in directly off the bay is the best.
  11. I used to loathe days with a Northerly or Nor'easter wind when I lived in Melbourne; Just on the East side of the Westgate Bridge, before the Bolte-Bridge on/off ramp, you catch a really fierce whiff of the Vegemite factory. :-#
  12. eastern creek. smells like a dumpsite. till the exhaust fumes overwhelms you. or the wind direction changes.

    in a tunnell behind a truck transporting sheeps :cry:
  13. Oh, god, don't remind me. Went there for a car-club gokart day a few months ago.

    There's a good reason for why it smells like there's a dumpsite nearby, mind you. ;)
  14. this is really weird!
    as i rode through my own particular example the other day i thought
    "this might make for a good thread, i bet people in cars don't smell this!"

    mine is on epping Road on the way to North Ryde. I'm not sure exactly where it is but i'll pinpoint it next week. Anyway, it smells really strongly of vegemite!
  15. Theres always (well for at least 10 years) been a tasty Thai food smell as you head south on the bit before the pylons and after the toll gates. Its from a kitchen off to the right and below, towards lunar park. This might be the one you're thinking of?

    smells ive picked up recently while riding -

    someone welding,
    natural gas (i dunno, smells kinda sweet),
    recent rainfall on gum trees,
    the ocean,

    smokers in a car nearby,
    beer soaked carpet as i rode past a pub,
    rotting seaweed (lake Macquarie),
    the fertiliser works at Stockton/Kooragang Is,
    chicken sheds / recently spread manure,
    the guy infront's smoky exhaust (mate, you're car is f*#ked).

    I never really noticed before how many cars are burning oil. Particularly ones that have been 'modded' in some lame ass way, like filled and painted over the rear passenger windows.

  16. the brewery on Broadway in sydney smells like vegimite sometimes. :-#
  17. That sounds like it, I never head south over the bridge, so wasn't sure where it was from :D
  18. One of the nastiest smells I have come across in recent times, is the chicken transport truck, taking young chickens from the brooder farm to the laying sheds. Concentrated sweaty chicken and chicken shit-not nice :sick:
  19. Ah, smells, one of THE joys of motorcycling. Where shall I start?

    Moorebank bakery? And two Buttercup bakeries in the Wollongong region, too, yum....

    ANY-PLACE, rain on a steaming hot road as the sun comes out again..

    Hunter Valley, lucerne harvesting time..

    Denman, Upper Hunter Valley, Arrowfield and Rosemount Wineries in the vintage season..

    And there's one of those circular model car racing tracks I ride past occasionally, can't remember where, but, CASTROL R :LOL:......
  20. I wind my car windows down when I'm about to drive through unanderra, I love that fresh bread smell. Haven't been past since getting my bike though. :)