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Interesting situation on the way home this evening.....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by PoJo777, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    I've been riding for around 4 years but I'm new to commuting on the bike, just started 2 weeks ago and I found myself in a situation this evening on the way home which prompted me to come here and get a few opinions on who was doing the wrong thing - well not wrong thing but being a bit of an inconsiderate a$$pie.

    On my way home following another bike, it was wet so we were both doing the speed limit - we're approaching a major intersection with 2 lanes of traffic turning right and all the turning vehicles are stationary so he begins to filter to the front as do I (down the middle of the 2 lanes of traffic). As we approach the front of the pack he stops to talk to the driver of one of the front vehicles, I couldn't go around him or any of the cars so I had to wait, I figured he'd just have a quick chat then move on as he'd seen me in his mirrors. He talked to the driver until the second the green arrow lit up so I had to take off from between 2 moving cars on a RHS bend in the wet.

    All I could think after I got through the corner is "I would have moved over for that guy", was I expecting too much here? I always check my mirrors when I get to the front of a pack of traffic and if needed make room for other riders.
  2. Yup, inconsiderate er.... "a$$pie"
  3. He could have been asking for directions or something.

    Was there space for him to move over, whilst still talking to the driver, to let you pass him? (ie, two bikes side by side between the cars?)
  4. Loud pipes (at full noise) alert other road users of your displeasure
  5. Mate all I know is that there are a small percentage of people who are genuinely inconsiderate, not only when using the road but in all faceats of life. I have noticed though, as soon as it rains, the general public forget the basic skill of driving.

    Oh before I get blasted, I am not refering to people slowing down and leaving more distance due to slippery roads and poor visibility. I'm talking about:

    * Spastic driving down King street today at 10:30am along the MIDDLE of the road, so white lines in the road which mark the 2 lanes are literally in the middle of his car so that no one can over take him. Then when he gets honked at he cracks the shits, starts abusing the other driver and almost hits a parked car followed by a car trying to turn right.

    * Moron #2 is driving along in a free flowing traffing (45km/h - 50km/h) along King street at about the same time and decides to just stop for no apparent reason in the right lane (not at a traffic light) almost causing a pile up. Then when a line of cars comes to a complete stop behind him he decides it's time to go and takes off.

    * Moron #3,4,5,6,7 I can't be bothered going into - HOW DO THEY GET A LICENCE???
  6. too true
    spastics, morons, retards etc are allowed to get drivers licences in Vic. nothing in current legislation to prevent this. sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

    op's query, that guy was just a dick
    am 100% certain it was a cruiser and likely a hardley
  7. I wouldn't hang it on spastics and retards. I think you're referring to ****tards.
  8. Lowercase: Nah, no room to get past him at all, the cars around us were bunched up too so I couldn't go out around the outside either.

    Monkeyman: It was actually jut a guy on a normal looking Suzuki upright bike, didn't really get a good enough look at the bike to give much more of a description.

    I dunno maybe he thought I was a wanker because I was on a busa or something, who knows.
  9. The guy was arskhole! That is one of the few times your horn is of some use. If that does'nt work, then you bump his rear tyre gently with your front. If that does'nt get him moving ( be prepared for some agro when you draw up beside him at the head of te car lanes)
    If he still does'nt move, feel free to start yelling at the farkwit to move it!!

    If that does'nt work, drop it. Shutup!, get ready for the green arrow with your head back inthe right place to control your bike properly!
    Hopefully you will catch him at the next lights where you may or may not choose to do all kinds of things to the idiot! But again, be ready for some agro from the dipshit, since you dared to challenge him earlier. I like to just look at them while they're having a go. Absolutely motionless while i look out the corner of my eye for the light change. Then leave him sitting there yelling at no-one, coz you've already gone! Ahahhaa!
  10. The whole bike prejudice thing is getting so old. So infantile.
  11. Some scooter guy did this to me, filtered up but then stopped parallel with the cars at the front. Took a few beeps before he realised what I wanted but when he did realise and moved forward I thanked him.