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Interesting Sight :S

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by blackjackx, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. /rant

    Well I was on my way to randwick last night and had just lane filtered to the front of the traffic, when I reach the front and there is a guy on a scooter wearing shorts and a t-shit and some sandals .. (Now before you go ahead and think this is a squid topic it isnt :)but that wasnt all he was wearing on top of his head was a bicycle helmet that wasnt even strapped on!!!!. I started laughing at the guy and Im pretty sure he saw me but ignored me. I was taking my phone out of my pocket to take a picture but the lights turned green....and this is where my jaw fell open...the guy as cool as ever started doing some strange movments on his scooter like he was trying to walking it around the corner, but on closer inspection his feet were not on the ground but on PEDALS!!! It was a FRIKEN BIKE WITH A SCOOTER BODY?? WTF??

    What is this world coming to

    /end rant
  2. They're electric, too!

    Weird little electric/pedal mopeds styled after topbox-equipped 50cc scooters.
  3. So a scooter with extra power? :grin:
  4. :LOL: :LOL:
  5. 200 watt electric scooters with pedal assist legally only require push bike safety gear which means push bike helmets.

    I'm surprised you haven't seen one before... there are heaps of them around here!
  6. Yeah, they are starting to pop up in many places.

    There is one parked in Elwood each day.

    Bike Brokers have them for sale as well.
  7. I don't find it funny at all, they are a legitimate form of transport and quite legal as zxr pointed out.
    Why is it a rant?
  8. Indeed.

    With better seat/pedals/handlebars geometry (eg: electric-assisted mountainbike or road bike) one could put on quite a bit of speed - A fit cyclist should be able to deliver ~200W continuously when pedalling, depending on age + fitness, so another 200W isn't anything to sniff at!

    That said, you have to lug around another 5-10kg of batteries and drive gear...

    Edit: I'd guess that the OP was just surprised that they look like Generic Jap-Euro-styled $2000 50cc Scooter, but are in reality electric/pedal mopeds.
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  10. Seen one on the way home from work one night and until I saw the pedals on it, I was thinking what a dope, crossing at the pedestrian crossing with a stackhat. At first I thought he was riding a scooter on the footpath, but yeah, they're perfectly legal. If I'm not mistaken, they must keep the pedals on them or then they'll have to register it.
  11. NSW: http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/otherinformation/scootersminibikes.html

    VIC: http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home...s/MiniatureMotorbikesAndMotorisedScooters.htm

    The differentiator would appear to be whether the primary source of propulsion is the pedals (as per a bicycle fitted with an auxiliary power source) or if it's an electric vehicle with pedals tacked on for emergency use and/or dodging registration requirements.

    To quote the RTA, "These vehicles must have been designed as a bicycle - that is, to be propelled by human power, with the motor attached as a supplementary aid only." (my italics)
  12. Victoria doesn't differentiate between the pedals being the primary or secondary source of power - as long as it's under 200w.

    Mind you some of them are pretty crap as a vehicle. A friend of mine bought an older one cheaply and found it wouldn't pull up any sort of a hill (he only weighs about 65kg) - and even pedal assisted it was really poor.
  13. Here in Vic, I believe they don't need to be registered but in NSW it doesn't seem to be the case, following a Supreme Court decision.
  14. Smee - I understand your frustration. Why can't people read the whole thread :?
  15. :oops: Sorry, just noticed the OP was in NSW. :oops:
  16. I saw one of those recently as well, she was in the bike lane which (jumping to my own conclusions) I figured the reason for looking like such a fool was they would be legal to ride in the bike lanes
  17. In the same class as these, my introduction to two wheels was a Tami 33cc two stroke scooter with which I would get around inner-city Melbourne. It was legal at the time, slotting in with bicycle regulations, basically a skate board with collapsable handlebars and a seat, looking the same as the ones you still see with electric engines. Sounded like a whipper-snipper, and at 45km/hr on the flat (and I used to go flat-out everywhere) it was a death-trap! I t-boned a car on it (their fault, so they put the foot down and got out of there!:?) which essentially meant with my knees, and a friend borrowing it for the day got target-fixation with the curb and did a full body-flip before breaking his wrist. What a hoot! It even had a trailor. Sold it to a guy who had just lost his license, deciding that I was ready to make the plunge into registered scooters, so I bought myself a '78 Passola 50cc. The guy before him who came to inspect it for farm use, looked like Chopper Reed's buff big brother with a moe and blue singlet and monster body, and he wanted to know how well it pulled the trailor loaded, so he had me sit cross-legged in the trailor while he sat like a monster astride this then tiny scooter, and we cruised down the inner-city road drawing attention with our whipper-snipper scream! :LOL:
  18. A few years back when I was cycling to work I had a bloke rock up next to me on one of those powered bicycles.

    He dragged me off the lights and thrashed me LOL. Unfortunately for him, using an engine doesn’t increase your fitness and I flew past him down the road and off into the distance.

    I never quite understood the point of having an engine on a bicycle, especially when in my experience I was always overtaking them due to their lack of fitness slowing them on the flats and up inclines. Ironically if they rode a bike how normal people do, I believe they would be quicker overall, not to mention fitter!

    From a transport perspective is it actually worth using one of these contraptions?
  19. When i did I my license a couple of years ago, I bought a 70cc engine designed to fit a mountain bike. Damn that thing was fun!! Never got looked at once by the po po and I rode it everyday.

    I might have to go and get it going again for some fun!