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Interesting road to ride!!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by c0rrupt, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Now i'm not claiming this isn't shopped as it looks a little off but how amazingly fun would this be to scream along? Kinda like the road version of alioops on mx.

    source:click here

  2. No its for real. There are heaps out there.
  3. And some more
  4. Wouldn't want to run wide on this one
  5. yeah I left those out as they didn't look at fun as the first... 200 kph...first ridge.....whhhhhhoooooooosh
  6. Some amazing roads, let alone scenery !!!

    That last pic (twisty heaven) in bretto's collection is simply awesome !
  7. Great pics! I love the tunnel through the trees.
  8. beautiful pics
  9. There's a road a bit like that first one in Northern England, though not quite as exaggerated. It's the old Roman road that ran behind Hadrian's wall so it's dead straight over undulating country. I remember once covering it absolutely flat out on my MZ 250. Flat on the tank and trying to pull the end off the throttle cable she was doing an indicated 95mph (optimistic speedo, but I'd believe 85) and was going light on the crests and bottoming the suspension in the dips. It was great :D.
  10. The hair pin after hair pin one is in Italy. That is just a bit of it. The boys from Top gear drove it in one of thier shows.
    c0rrupt probably got the same email