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Interesting Riding

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by PatB, May 8, 2012.

  1. This isn't so much a rage as an expression of bemused resignation.

    Followed a bloke (I'm fairly good at picking girlies on bikes :D) on a 250 Hyo yesterday. Nothing wrong with that, although 250 and Hyo tend to equate to inexperienced. Nothing wrong with that, either; we all had to start somewhere.

    First off, I was grimly amused by the fact that he was wearing a fluoro vest but had covered up the entire back of it with a camo backpack. Hi-Vis, fair enough. My current (new) winter jacket would sear eyeballs at 50m. But if you're going to wear it, it seems a bit self defeating to cover up 50% of its effective area.

    Had that been all, I'd have forgotten about it by now. However, I ended up following this fellow for ~20km and was disturbed to note that he seemed very keen to sit in the blind spot of every car he got near. I can't believe he wasn't doing it deliberately 'cos I find that I have to make a significant conscious effort to keep station so accurately on a car whose speed is varying by the +- 10km/h that most of these were.

    Now why the hell would you bother with the wally bib and then sit where noone is going to see you whatever you're wearing? It makes no sense to me. Is this an example of an excessive reliance on gear at the expense of good roadcraft?

    I won't even mention (except now, of course) the fact that I saw not one head-check in 20 km or even any evidence of thorough mirror scanning.

    OK, not real earth shattering transgressions, but the WA training and licensing systems seem to have let someone out on their own with some bad habits (or lack of good ones) which are, at the very least, going to get them badly scared in the not too distant future. I am, of course, assuming that the lack of Ls or Ps was legitimate.
  2. That guy is like the local girl who rides a scooter wearing her office clothes (skirt, heels, blouse), nothing really wrong with that, but in the name of safety has a fluro vest on.
  3. Sadly more common than you might think - I'm reminded of a certain senior manager at my work, who I've spoken of here before. No real skill, absolutely no roadcraft but an expectation that his "senior manager" status extends to the roads...
    Both myself and the Garage Manager have tried to talk to him to no avail, and he's since bought himself a Striple - we're running a "crash pool" on him now...
  4. There's not really a connection - the vest is to do with causality the clothing is to do with consequences.

    Confusing the two is what people like the TAC and VicPol do.
  5. It took me a minute, but I see what you mean.....
  6. I think he was looking to sit in the slip stream!

    Broke uni student, maybe?!