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Interesting ride home

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Yep thanks to Powercor for making my ride home last night a memorable one. Was leaving Uni just on nightfall and noticed the streetlight in the carpark go out just as I was riding off. Not uncommon for these to fail so wasn't worried - till I realised it wasn't the only one. Soon discovered that not only were all the streetlights in the city out - but so too were all the traffic lights :shock: (according to the paper all power within a 50km radius of the city went out). Funny thing is though even though the intersections were pitch dark and completely unregulated I actually felt safer than normal, because for once drivers were actually slowing down and looking out for other vehicles (certainly not normal behaviour). Traffic flow was also improved since cars weren't having to wait forever for the lights to cycle through just to make a left hand turn - which significantly reduced the number of cars queued up. Only freaky part is that power returned at the exact moment I walked through my front door.

  2. thats so funny that power went back on soon as you got home :LOL:
    how cool. and at teh same time scary!
  3. I read an experiment where a eurpoean town removed all road signage/lights at a busy intersection and found the exact same results as you described above.

    Found the article again
  4. theres a street light about 3 houses down from me that turns off as i walk past it, and turns back on as i walk past it coming back from the servo.

    i shit you not, everytime without fail..

    confuses the hell out of me.
  5. "casper" effect the electrical engineers call it.
  6. LOL funny i get the same thing on certain roads a certain light will always go out as i approach but doesn't happen if i'm a passenger?!
  7. just use your power for good not evil
  8. Yeah was pretty crazy i was playing actually browsing these forums at the time, and thought i must have kicked the power switch or something.

    Then noticed it was my whole house that power had gone out on and then noticed that it was the whole street that went out and just recently noticed that it was the whole town. Crazy.
  9. exactly the same happens here....... but only if the two of us are out in the car.... when we come back and get to the corner of our road the light goes out.... and back on once we're further down the street!!!!!

    tres bizarre!!!!