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Interesting ride down the M1 to Werribee.

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Rolkus, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Tonight, coming home.

    First thing, an old guy pulls out of his lane while I am right beside him as I pass him in the faster lane. He spots me and yells "Ohhh shit" - not a biggy, used to it. Just glad he saw me in the end.

    Further up, near Hoppers Crossing, I see a truck (not overly big) swerving in his lane (one to my left, I was in the right). I decide to punch it, get past him. You guessed it, serves into my lane (Truck free lane!). I get past him, and he's searching around on the floor for something. He didnt even know I was there.

    And one thing I noticed was a lot of feathers on the road. I had to close my visor so I didn't eat one. There was a chicken truck up ahead. Bastard.
  2. Good to know you got out unharmed

    The west bring out the best in stupid drivers. Rode to Tuesday meet just before and saw a rather very attractive female putting on make up while driving...she was all over the lane.

    Just be glad you didn't follow the chicken truck through either of the tunnels (usually Domain Tunnel). They stink and once it's gone through the tunnel, the smell lingers on for a long time. I was behind one truck, however I didn't know until I caught up to it probably about 1km away!
  3. I had one lady swerving out of her lane when she was taking the last swig of her coffee.

    Geez, if you can't drink coffee and drive in a straight line, better catch public transport instead, and let someone else drive.
  4. One thing I did notice, was a ute driver, just before the Werribee exit, doing his teeth.
  5. If he was doing his teeth, he probably wasnt FROM werribee :p
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  6. You seem to have had two similar incidents...
    Just curious, were you constantly riding just beside the first bloke and the truck?

    Reason I say this is that you should try and position yourself so you're not next to anyone particularly in any blind spot.
    In other words, depending on distance between yourself and a vehicle in front, try and stay back so cars either side are ahead, or if you have room, move up quickly so that those either side can see you.

    Just trying to be helpful as road positioning is huge when it comes to roadcraft experience....
  7. Oh yeah, being stuck behind a sheep truck when there's no good place to overtake. Someone should invent a helmet with carbon filter like the cars have. Takamii?
  8. The first one was when I first got on the freeway, making my way to the right lane. The second one was me overtaking the truck further down.

    I don't ride next to cars...
  9. Pig trucks** are worse - it takes days to get the smell out.

    ** and before some smartarse with a similar warped sense of humour posts a picture - not the red and blue flashing lights kind!