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Interesting read...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rs101, Dec 3, 2008.

  1. http://pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=141&t=442266&i=0 - Read it in (essentially) one sitting, page three onwards gets heavy, and only a few d!ckheads spoil the overall train. Talking about speeding in cages, accidents, and what it's like in gaol after you fsck up. British slant, but damn interesting, especially after our friend got a chunk inside for speeding in the early morning. Doesn't seem too bad, but still hope I never get there. Discovered this thread in the bitchin' bitumen forum.

  2. One of the most riviting reads I've seen lately. Certainly gives you a few things to think about.
  3. Really good read. Thanx mate.
  4. nice find only got to page 10 thou
  5. Excellent find, mate.

    "10 Pence Short" 's posts on page three should be required reading for anyone with a probationary car licence.

    EDIT: and the pictures on page six. What a car looks like after a Buell has slammed into it at 50+ kph.

  6. Great find

    Just finished page 17 - the guy who wrote the DUI post and his replies on page 12 were (pardon the pun) very sobering
  7. What can I say?

    Phew - that was quite a fair bit of reading and emotionally draining too.

    Took me nearly three hours to get through it all - but I have to say I think I think it was well worth it.

    Despite my big "L" at the back of the bike, I'm 36 and have ridden previously (a long time ago for nearly 4 years), I'm not definitely not a COMPLETE a newbie who thinks he is made from some magical bullet-proof material.

    None the less, with complete disregard for experience / skills - @ 65,000 miles a year he was more than just well-experienced - it ust goes to prove that great bumper sticker..."Shit Happens". I have had countless moments in a vehicle that have ended in little more than,
    "Holy SHIT - that was close!" - a bit of bad luck and his story could so easily have been mine.

  8. Great read, thanks.

    Makes you wonder about treating accidents similar to crime. I'm not talking about drink driving, etc. I'm talking about like anyone of us, we all make mistakes, quite different to deliberatly commiting a crime.
  9. Interesting reading.

    That "ozzerr" bloke is a farking twonk.

    Sad that dude went to prison. I think the rider wears some responsibility if the car was stationary - you never know what's going to be around that blind corner: fallen tree, dead roo, broken down car, etc.
  10. ^ my thoughts exactly
  11. As above, just read through it
    VERY gripping
  12. Excellent read. Possibly the most interesting and thought provoking thread ever. Definately read it all through.
  13. Amazing stuff! Like a good book I just could not put it down 'till I got to the end. Very sobering thread. Will definitely assess my riding/driving after reading it. Thanks for posting.
  14. like it says somewhere on there, you couldn't physically ride around sharp corners at any sort of speed if you only rode as far as you could see.

    there'd just be a traffic jam of cars at every corner...

    I don't feel sad for him, however eloquently he can write.

    He was an idiot and paid the price.
  15. If his car was still moving then he was 'driving' on the wrong side of the road, and obviously is completely at fault.

    If he was stationary, then he is an 'obstacle'. Unexpected, perhaps - but just the same as any freak of nature thing blocking the road.

    The rider's bike rebounded 14 metres after hitting the vehicle??? See the pics?

    That rider was moving, for sure.

    Sure, we've all done it. He came around a blind corner quick and found a car - so it's someone else's liability.
    I've come around plenty of corners quick, and if there's a tree or a wombat or something there: I'm probably screwed at that speed [legal or otherwise].

    We all take chances with corners that have reduced visibility. Everyone in this scenario was unlucky. I'm just saying unless the car was moving, the rider must bear a mildly decent portion of the blame for the outcome.
  16. ktulu, 10P actually says himself, that looking back, he could see the skid marks of his own vehicle, only interrupted from when the motorbike hit the car, causing the car to become slightly airborn, then regain contact with the ground, and continue the slide.

    the car was NOT stationary at the time of impact. i dont belive the car was travelling slowly at all, nor the bike.

    i also dont think any rider ALWAYS rides so they can stop within the distance they can see. simply, its slow and boring. as another poster said on there, we ride/drive according to our level of experience, weigh in the surroundings and conditions, and the risks associated, and come up with a speed where we are happy with the level of risk at a certain speed, should something happen up ahead.

    i think it was basically shit luck for both involved. wrong place wrong time. stupid decision by the driver, to be travelling at a speed where he could not maintain control in the conditions (be it below the speed limit or not). i cant comment on the rider's actions, as there is nothing indicating his speed. just that they believe he was heading home or something.

    they are some fair impact marks on the car in the images. that car was not stationary, and the bike was not travelling slowly. im sorry to see it happened. but yeah.

    shame the thread turns into a posting shitstorm after page 20 or something, i gave up there. some very sobering posts though, by a few people.

    cheers for the link, Ray!
  17. He says somewhere in the thread that he was still moving (albeit slowly) when the impact occured. The matter is negligence, if there was a wombat, you can't blame anyone and have to deal with the fact that it was a freak accident, but if there is a car that shouldn't be there, due to somebody's negligence then the negligent party will suffer some repercussions.

    I reckon he could've gotten a much lesser sentence if he had a better lawyer. Quite a read though and I feel for the guy... We all push the limit sometimes, without expecting such grave consequences.
  18. Go back and read on, well if you like prison stories...a couple of real interesting ones :shock:

    Am too of the belief that 10PS was skidding at a decent speed. The impact of the bike would be dependant upon closing speed. Was mentioned 2 seconds reaction time for the rider - but if a vehicle is heading towards you, that wipes the distance down pretty quickly