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Interesting read on motorcycle deaths (US based)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by jdm, May 11, 2005.

  1. Looking at that (and I know we have the same trend in Oz)....being in the 35-40 age bracket I want a discount on my insurance!!! You old farts are making me pay more! ;)

    Interesting when you consider that many insurance companies have premiums or even complete programmes for over 40 riders....

  2. you could perform a similar study (with AUS info) by querying the crash statistics database from the www.tacsafety.com.au site. (go to 'statistics' then select motorcyclist fatalities for all years (leave 'date' fields blank), then after the results are provides choose to 'create table' - put year in the rows, and age in the columns. You will get a breakdown of fatalities by age group for all years since 1999.

    One thing that is misleading about the 40+ bracket when comparing it to the other brackets - the 30-39 bracket is only for 10 years, whereas the 40+ bracket is for all ages between 40 - 90 (at the extreme). To compare these brackets one really needs to know the number of motorcyclists in each category so we can compare percentage of motorcyclists who living vs. dieing. For example in 2003 (us stats) it said that there were 1631 deaths in the over 40 group, and only 815 deaths in the 30-39 group. if there were 1 million over 40 riders, and only 250 000 30-39 riders then you could say that .163% of over 40's died, but 0.32% of 30-39's died.

    An even better statistic would show how much time they spent on the roads on their bikes...
  3. That's a stat I'd be interested in.

    I'm not convinced of the relevance of US stats in Aus - our road laws are a fair bit different here. For example, AFAIK, all states require helmet use. And I think (hope) drink-driving is a lot less common over here.

    The thing that's consistent b/w the US stats and ours is the elevated number of deaths by motorcyclists without a 'valid' license. Be interesting to see a breakdown on WHY they don't have a 'valid' license. How many loss them already to speeding tickets? To drink driving? Other traffic offenses? Or how many never had a license?