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Interesting police attitude.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdm, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. From an IM discussion with one of my QLD mates this morning (rides an R1 - is close to 50 in age):

    P: a bike cop at a BP on the weekend tried to give me the third degree on Saturaday saying 50 people had already died in qld this year on bikes (true) and that it was peolple like me. then wanted to know if we were heading up to the mount, he then took off and i was him hiding! in the bushes about 5K down the road with his rader pointing.

    J: what, he just came up and gave you sh*t?

    J: I would have replied; "thank you very much for your concern, but I will live my life as I please"

    P: he was filling his BIG FAT ST1100, he started talking to another bike (triumph Boony) he went and he continued to waffle on, he even said that he in the process of legislating putting 120K governors on all bikes, I laughed at him and said good luck.

    J: w*nker...

    J: you should have said the "legislation" is put together by the "peoples" representatives..not the police

    J: good one, should have thought that.

    J: oh well he is right on one count 45yo+ riders on sportsbikes are over represented in the road toll....just have to remember to be careful.....

    P: he said it was the 40 to 55 and the main reason for death was heart attacks!

  2. If you told him he was an idiot and you don't like talking to idiots, would there be any kind of fine he could give you? Would calling a cop an idiot be classed as an obscenity? I'm curious cos some of them really need to know but if you swear I'm sure they can pin you with some sorta ticket.
  3. There was some case in the courts recently where a dude told a copper to get f*&ked. The dude won the case. I figure this sets some type of precedent. So, you may be able to swear to a copper and get away with it.

    Can't say Ihave tried it personally. :)
  4. TAC don't operate in QLD where the stats are different.
  5. Good point. However, world wide according to insurance statistics, motorcyclists over 45yo WHO HAVE A LICENCE, are among the safest road users of all. Many of the 45yo and over casualties are blokes who never had a licence when young, and can't be bothered to get one when the mid-life crisis hits an they want a bike. Older blokes are definitely over represented in the UNLICENSED victims for that reason.
  6. "over represented" is a subjective term - it is my opinion based on my own observations...right or wrong....and that's not the point I was making in the post anyway....That line was just reminding my mate to be careful on his new R1......

    So this copper obviously has a chip on his shoulder (who knows he may have just been to a fatal) and lost his professionalism by having an inappropriate convo with my mate....Such actions reflect on the whole police service and dimish the respect we should have for their authority.....