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Interesting pics of an R1 vs. Landcruiser collision & BB

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, May 17, 2006.

  1. Found the link to this forum thread on yet another forum so thought I'd post it on this forum :wink:


    Not pretty from a damage point of veiw BUT only a collarbone injury to the female rider and a big insurance bill from what I've read and seen in the pics attached to the thread.
  2. I hope the R1 had full comp and she was licenced to ride it. otherwise that will cost big $$ amazing how quickly a car can be demolished by fire.
  3. Thats one lucky woman, if she had have got trapped under that car
    :shock: :shock:

    Looked like a decent bit of road though :wink: so where is Brindabella :?:
  4. Near Canberra. There's some nice roads in that area.
  5. OMG.... that is unreal!!!
  6. sweet mother of god... damn she is alive? :shock:

    I thought she would have been a crispy critter...
  7. One down, 200,000 to go.......
  8. Was that the R1 or the 4WD you were referring to Inci? :LOL:
  9. Personally I think that every 4WD not registered to a rural postcode needs customizing with a .50 cal machine gun (4 to 1 incendiary mix).........
  10. Gravel? What Gravel? Looks more like she just couldn't handle the power of such a monstrous bike and spun the rear up.
  11. I cannot believe after viewing those photos that they received (relatively) minor injuries.

    Very lucky people.
  12. That is amazing, I cannot believe no-one was a fatality in that one. Lucky the rider learnt how to fly...

    The cost of the bike and the landcruiser if she doesnt have full comp is going to be quite an expensive bill. :shock:
  13. I liked someones comment a few posts down:

    "So uhm, i guess insurance'll write those vehicles off then?"

  14. yeah looks like clean road to me as well

    Where's the R1?
  15. In which photo do you think you can see far enough around the bend to make that call?

    The R1 (whats left of it that hasn't melted) is under the front of the 4wd.
  16. I drive a tow truck, I love carnage :)
    That was a dam good effort, such a colourfull explosion ha ha
  17. Wow....I know exactly where that is (I live at one end of that road).....Ride it most weekends - but not this weekend...And yes there is always gravel on the corners after rain, or where cars enter from side roads....However, yeah doesn't look like any gravel there....more likely early entry into the turn and exit out wide on wrong side of the road.....But of course - just speculation on my part based on what I have seen...

    My model R1 too....

  18. I've riden that road a number of times and there are some gravel/dirt logging roads that feed onto the road on blind corners meaning you can easily get caught out. But it is a phenomenal road. The beauty of it is that it parallels the Canberra suburbs about 10km west. So once you've had enough, you make a turn and you are in Suburbia for fuel/food, freeway home almost straight away. Really bad for roos of an afternoon though.