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Interesting pets

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by foot69, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. My nephew.

  2. I think my dog looks more vicious, especially with the eyes and the fact his teeth needed cleaning :p.

    edit: resizes pic (was a lil big).

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  3. Cool zombie dog/rat.
  4. Who absolutely hates his ribs being tickled.
  5. So do you reckon it'll take him as long as it takes the croc to grow to realise how bad an idea that is, or
  6. expensive to keep ?
    how much does it eat ?
    or does it just find it's own food around the neighborhood
    i want one. would prefer a hippo, but a croc is probably more practical
  7. The croc is thinking,
    2 more years and I will be big enough to eat him,
  8. The big croc they dont let out, its about 7 feet long now and Will kill you..
  9. ....oh thank god for that.

    I got eaten by a crocodile once.....and my head went that way, and my legs went that way.
  10. Hmmmmm!!... Ya need a BIG bath tub for them critters!!.... 8-[
  11. Who's the bloke with the hat next to him? :)
  12. My 12 year old daughter has lots of interesting pets. She'd love a croc, and no doubt will have one in a few years, but for now, she has to wait. She asked me for a pet taranchula when she was 8... I said "Not while I'm living on this earth" (or she's living with me, or wants me to visit etc.... really don't like spiders, although, she has started to help me see some beauty in them). She then asked for a snake, which I was OK with (after the taranchula....)
  13. ...Dinner!!....

  14. She's already smarter than you.

    Our family is talking about getting a Bearded dragon(s). I've always loved them and the kids do too. I'm only resisting because I'm being sensible about commitment and the dog in the house too.

  15. Beardies are awesome. Go for it.
  16. A freshie wouldn't be so bad to keep, a lot less vicious, but that looks like a saltie to me.
  17. Thats a saltie and has an outside enclosure They have a freshwater croc in a tank inside, Its half the size of the saltie, and Hates everyone. The saltie you have to watch cos it will have a go if it gets the opportunity, the freshie will have a go if you look at it the wrong way.