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Interesting observation about public transport

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by smee, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Riding in this morning on the Monash I was amazed at how little traffic there was considering the traffic every other morning at this time is horrendous.
    Apparently public transport is free today to make up for the chaos the trains had the other morning.
    Sop I came to thinking that if the cost of public transport were to be dropped by half would it encourage many motorists, riders alike to take up the train or still ride/drive in?
    I was seriously amazed at the lack of congestion and hopefully it goves the government something to think about like improving services to PT whilst reducing the price.

  2. I had the opposite on the monash today, got to the city at 8.50 and the M1 was bumper to bumper from before warrigul rd all the way in

  3. Yes there was an accident they were clearing up just after burke road
  4. Coming in on Sydney Road (by car) the traffic was minimal. Took only about the time I normally take on the bike.
  5. I think in Sydney the fog scared everyone onto the trains.

    And yes Smee (Chef) I agree that reduced public transport fares would definitely relieve congestion on our roads. It's an argument I've been making for years.

    Public transport is very dear in this country, as government try to recover every cent. The problem being they end up paying for it in wear and tear on the roads.

    They should be subsidizing public transport (and it wouldn't be that much as volume would increase). I personally would be happy for the money to be raised in petrol tax. That would encourage even more to use public transport.
  6. In some european countries and asian countries P/T is cheap and fixed price.
    None of this zone crap. The low fairs are offset by the number of travellers who buy tickets and the reduction in cars.
    I won't use P/T when it costs me say $5.00 to go two suburbs and I have to wait for 45 mins.
    The bike costs less in fuel and gets me there in 5 mins.
  7. As a motorbike rider, unless the P/T can get me somewhere at the same price and time I can get there on my bike, there's no way I'd consider it!
    I caught P/T into the city for approx 4 years, paying way too much to do so, and frequently late due to delayed or canceled trains! I started riding to work, was cheaper, faster and more reliable every day!!
    Until they take serious steps to make P/T cheaper and more reliable, the freeways and highways will remain car parks in peak hour!!
  8. Free public transport would be great. I wonder how much the trains cost us each year? Amortise that across our population in the form of a tax and all is good, oh that's right people who don't use it will biatch. Not me, it would less cars on the road and a quicker journey to work.
  9. People ask why I drive the family to the city to take kids to museum etc - it costs $40 to get us in by P/T + time... Costs less than $10 in diesel and $10 to park under the museum and the same to park at Crown to do the aquarium etc and we work to our own timetable with no delays, no carriages with vomit or urine on the floor/seats (twice we've encountered this)... If it was cheaper, reliable and clean, I'd consider it...
  10. Question: Are the Labor government in power in Victoria?
  11. Not the Labor your thinking off. They died out with Cain/Kerner...

    I used to love the train ten years ago, when you could get a seat and read your book. I used to get tons of study done during the 30min each way. It was great. Now, you're hard pressed just to squeeze on. So if half the people who usually drive got the train, where did the extra capacity come from? Anyone actually catch the train today?
  12. Irrelevant, the rot started with the liberal government of the 60's and 70's when it was more interested in spreading out the suburbs without investing in the infrastructure, such as trams and trains.
    Successive governments did little more then under Kennett, a liberal government when he privatised the railway network without spending on the infrastructure, in fact he cut services and lines when Melbourne was still expanding.
    The current government has not done much better but because the structures under the privatisation laws were in place it would cost an absolute fortune to repurchase the railways.
    What must be done though is spend on the infrastructure, and expand on it.
    Melbourne has expanded and the railway structure is still stuck in the 70's, yes we have pretty trains but they don't run properly!!!!!
  13. Don't see how it's irrelevant. Rot may have started with somebody else but you are asking if the current Labor government will fix it. I reckon they won't. Be willing to bet money that nothing happens.
  14. Liberal Party ideology always likes to see cost at the point of execution. They are against subsidising anything. So you are very unlikely to see a Liberal government committing to subsidising public transport even if it were argued it would save money elsewhere.
  15. I'd argue it is unlikely you'd see any political party raiding the chest to fix infrastructure. That requires stepping on toes, fighting local interest groups and making a few unpopular decisions. Not Labor or Liberal territory I'd imagine.
  16. Worst period for line closures was 1986-1988 under John Cain - Labour
    The Libs built the loop, which was our last major metropolitan rain project.
    http://www.victorianrailways.net/vr history/history.html

    As far as cost goes. The cost of Mykii is the equivelant of offering 4.5 years free public transport. I know what I'd rather!

    Riding vs catching the train in terms of cost. I used to think the bike was cheaper until I put it all into a spreadsheet - every single cost, depreciation, tires, servicing, insurance, gear, rego, fuel, brakes, chains, sprockets..

    To give you an idea: Belgrave to the CBD return on a Kawasaki GPX 250
    Return train trip on the train is $10.60 per day
    Return trip on the bike @ 235 trips a year = $25.72 per day

    I should upload the spreadsheet somewhere, you can punch your own numbers in..

    Just depends what price you put on your sanity :)
  17. Are you also removing the need for rego etc? If I was to catch PT, I'd still have the cost of rego and insurance on the bike, the only thing I would calc is increased maintenance, tyres and fuel. On my bike it still comes in under $10 per day and thats for a 750.
    Also need to add addtional lose of income (for myself as i'm paid by the hour) to PT as trains are delayed so often, fuel, maintenance and tyres for the car because I'd need to drive to a train station.
  18. Yeah I can do that.. If I remove rego and insurance from the equation it drops to $23.42 a day.

    Dont forget though I do a 90km return trip, so my bike depreciates faster (around 8c a km if you consider its worth nothing once it has 100,000k's on it), plus also wear and tear on ur riding gear (I cost this in at a full set of gear every 50,000kms or 5 years). It adds up!

    Yeah this is the sanity part :) There's also the cost of sick days and doctors bills from picking up everyone elses colds/flu/germs.
  19. I thought people were just tight arses and only used it when it's free.

    Funny thing is, people who don't use public transport, made an effort to use it on a free day in the expense of those who have been paying for PT as their main transportation on other days...damn free loaders :p
  20. The lobby to encourage us all to use public transport is amusing since it often comes from the same governments that have destroyed the infrastructure in the first place, or promised 30 different rail/bus/light rail links that they had neither the will nor the ability ot provide. But the idea that 50 people can travel to linked destinations in a vehicle that takes up only the same space as 4 cars is obviously sensible....