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Interesting News From Blighty.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stigger, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. I would appeal that Hyosung UK are no more...


  2. Hmm, if the brand is popular a new importer will raise their hand.
  3. "Spares will continue to be imported, and sold by Startright to keep these wonderful machines on the road"

    I think that statement is somewhat telling.
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  4. Bad business management or bad product?

    Since no other Hyosung importers have gone under (right?) it'd have to be (mostly) bad business management.
  5. Ehh - Hyos suck...
  6. Don't underestimate Korean engineering, the same statements were made about Japanese motorcycles by the Europeans until they were swept away. The Hyos have a bad rep to recover from from their early days but increasingly there are reports of good reliable service at a budget. The Koreans have the engineering mindset of continuous incremental improvement.

    Hyosung are a manufacturing conglomerate making everything from Chemicals and plastics to Wind Energy Turbines, Sheet Metal to Entertainment products. They will not rest until they have market share in the motorbike arena as well.

    The Chinese on the other hand have a long way to go because their mindset is make it cheaper, screw the market, come back with a different name. :)
  7. They've not gone under just stopped importing Hyo. As far as importers go the US have had 3 the UK and Australia 2 each so far. South Africa, Germany, and eastern Europe have had more than 1.
  8. Hyosung Heavy Industries haven't owned the motorcycle company for around 10 years.

    Hyosung Motorcycles are already known as S & T Motors in many regions.
  9. Oh, I see. That's a little more interesting. Did they release a carefully worded press release about why?
  10. Not that I can see
  11. Ok, I wasn't aware of the spinoff. Nonetheless my main point is a manufacturer given the right leadership and engineering philosophy will succeed. Recent reports on their reliability and build quality show they have come a long way from the horror days.
  12. What I don't understand is this.

    Hyundai emerge on to the world market with a shit product that they spend years trying to get people to forget.


    Kia emerge on to the world market with a shit product that they spend years trying to get people to forget.


    Hyosung emerge on to the world market with a shit product that they spend years trying to get people to forget.

    Do these people not speak to each other?
  13. :) :)

    Microsoft ME, Vista Windows 8 WebTV
    Coca Cola - New Coke
    Apple Newton Pippin Lisa Maps
    Ford Edsel

    Companies make missteps and entering a market is the most difficult time of all.
  14. Nah Theres a difference there's nothing intrinsically wrong with those products. The Korean plan seems to be "let's start with doesn't work then let's see how close we need to get to working before they stop complaining. "

  15. this, coming from some guy riding a 48 from petrol station to petrol station.
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  16. lol gday matey
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  17. Just because a bike doesnt have an importer doesn;t mean much. Guzzi didnt have an importer here for a bit a few years ago.
  18. I may not mean much for a niche manufacturer to exit a small market. But for a volume manufacturer to exit a large market like the UK definitely means something.

    Especially as the importer is continuing to import motorcycles from other sources.
  19. Yeah, but we don't know why they pulled the pin or even if the pin was pulled for them. Hyosung might have a new distributor lined up ready to kiss their arse, whereas the old one may have been sick of their shit. Or vice versa.

    Distributors change hands all the time, I think you might be reading too much into it, unless you know something we don't?
  20. Other than the fact that Hyosung are ****s, I have no further info.
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