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Interesting News Articles

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by davidp1984, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Have you ever come across an article but didn't have the time to post? Then this thread is for you!

    Many times I come across something and say, I would like to post that on Netrider but I just don't have the time to start a new thread and come up with something witty as well.

    Anyway, come across something interesting and you can't be f*cked to start a new thread, just post it here, if we can get this moving with lots of articles added it good be a good little thread.

    Well, I've probably been beaten to it but I found this interesting.


  2. It's true, the weight of research shows that driver training doesn't reduce crash frequency of trained drivers. In my view most of the studies are flawed and focussed only on training for licensed driving. In the case of licenses it seems that for DRIVERS the best approach is a long slow soak under supervision, e.g. 120hrs.

    One of the biggest arguments against training is that it produce risk compensation behaviour... yet in the same breathe these idiots will promote ABS, airbags, widgets and gadgets which all make a driver feel much safer inside a car and consequently exhibit risk compensation behaviour! sigh.

    But there is some evidence that post license training, especially focussed on hazard perception has big benefits, especially for motorcycles.

    ...I guess another point for the anti training brigade is would you want you're brain examined by an untrained surgeon? Would you want to fly in a plane with a poorly trained pilot?? In the workplace intensive training reduces accidents... surely it would on the roads too? The OECD countries with the best traffic record also have some of the toughest licensing...
  3. Once again, I'm seriously f'kin pissed off that vehicle control skills are being waved as the be all and end all of "defensive driving". They're f'kin not. The most important aspects of crash avoidance are what is going on in the drivers head. Let's see what effect teaching the necessary mental and attitudinal habits has before condemning "defensive driving" training. FFS.