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Interesting mechanicals

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TonyE, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Shamelessly stolen (with comments) from a BMW forum (no BMW content though)

    The inverted triple...
    Nothing like putting the "heavy bits" up high. The dry sump suction
    pumps better never quit either. It would be a "cool running engine"
    in the rain and a bash plate might be "rather necessary"

    Then there is the "single crank pin V8" Yes, the crank shaft has only
    ONE pin for V8 action. Plus 4 pivot pins. Be sure to listen to the
    video of the 125cc I-4 built the same way. VERY cool sound.

    Then there is the "uniquely" supercharged Ducati 500 cc single. it
    makes "more power than stock."

    Lastly, there is always the COOL sound of a V12 engine. IN A BIKE too!!!
  2. Two of your links aren't working
    Edit: You need to get rid of the <br> on the ends of them.
  3. three big

  4. They're all Italian. Italian bikes don't need "why?", they just are :D.

    Actually, I can see some merits in all of them. Whether the amount of effort involved is worth it for the claimed advantages is another matter entirely.
  5. I don't see a problem in engineering for the sake of engineering.

    Lets face it, not many people buy bikes on the basis of what's the most efficient/effective. It's usually more down to what looks/sounds/feels the best to the individual. Wish I had the mechanical aptitude to make what I want, rather than having to settle on what's available (the supercharged single idea I really like).
  6. Awesome that single pot compressed Duke !
  7. I love the engineering madness in that V12. he's even made it look good.