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Interesting marketing tactic!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by RapunzeL, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Nissan obviously doesnt sell motorcycles... :facepalm:

    According to MAG UK this ad has now been pulled but was originally released by Nissan Canada.

    for mods: this may be better placed in multimedia, however I put it in general as I thought it might be relevant to a greater discussion on the standards of advertising in mainstream media.
  2. I can understand why the advert was discontinued, it certainly sends a very disturbing message.
  3. that ad sux and the car is butt ugly
  4. Personally I think today's society gets upset over everything. Its a commercial, an animated one at that. Its no different than video games which people sit their kids in front of so they dont have to parent. Why are you upset about the motorbikes and not the fact three guys were about to attack a woman in a carpark?
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  5. Stupid ad, as if that POS car would ever keep up with a bike. The comments on the video should be all nissan need to pull it.
  6. Okay then, so the advert not only shows people that it's totally fine to use an SUV to mow down motorcyclists, it also portrays all motorcyclists as ******s. :)
  7. Aly, I think the add fails on both sides and right that it got taken off..
    Adds have been removed for a lot less than that...

    All I can say for Nissan marketing.....](*,)
  8. Because she is a new age"you go girl " - "dont need no stinkin man " type woman who weighs in at 55kg and is able to beat up multiple guys at the same that are 110kg of muscle and aggression - just like t is portrayed in the lame stream media these days through all the drama/cop shows
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  9. The world is a little dumber today. Thanks, Nissan.
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  10. See but that's the thing...I dont think it should have been taken off. I wouldn't have even thought twice about it if I had seen it on the tv. Its not realistic. Its just some stupid entertainment.
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    I see alys point. The ad doesnt offend me, and I dont think it is going to cause people to go on a rampage with there car. But its more the censorship double standards. Replace the car with a shotgun and theres no way the idea would have even uttered by advertisers in a meeting. But some how mowing bikes down is seen as ok in comparison.
  12. The add portrays the presumed death of a motorcyclist. The add is for a car. Removal was perfectly justified.
  13. Doesn't that also mean every car chase tv show and movie needs to be banned?
  14. from a simplistic view. the advert is just crapola. i know nothing about the car and it gives me no interest to find out more.
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  16. That sums the advert up perfectly :)
  17. Makes me want to punch the twits behind it, for multable reasons.
  18. No, because in TV shows and Movies, they have warnings and they are just shows which have intended purpose for entertainment for people who have adhered to the warnings/ratings.

    Advertisement is supposed to not really entertain, but to mainly sell their product to all different kinds of people (not including TAC ads)...how one can sell their product by fighting off motorcycles by running them down, is beyond any logic. They came up with the idea that a car mowing down motorcycles is how the design of the centre console came about and that the car now owns that design.

    I think it would have been a better idea if they had a motorcycle put next to the car and did a cut out section in CG where the motorcycle morphs into the car as a centre console, at least that made more sense of where the style/design came from, not because a car ran down some motorcycles and steal its design. Or the car transforming into a giant robot and bashing up little transformer motorcycle robots and then transforming back into car form only to have the shape of the console put into view.
  19. what the **** was that?

    Seriously. What the **** was that?
  20. Well, the point of advertising is to send a message; to tell a story that helps someone relate to the product and make it relevant or memorable to them.

    In a movie, the hero is chased down by scary motorcyclists on black supermoto bikes with handheld SMGs. We know the hero is a good person and we know the people on motorcycles are baddies, not necessarily because they're on bikes but because they're baddies with guns, and so far in the film there have been baddies with guns on foot, baddies with guns in cars, baddies with guns in SUVs, and the baddies with guns on bikes are just more baddies, probably accompanying the baddies in SUVs as part of a 3rd act car chase.

    This car advert introduces an SUV with a motorcycle-shaped centre console and then proceeds to tell the story of why it has that special feature. It shows a person being intimidated by motorcyclists, which is something cagers can relate to. Those scary hoon bikers and their bikes, terrorising innocent people during the urban commute. It then depicts the 'Urban Legend' SUV chasing down and crashing into two motorcyclists and running the last one off the road, before boasting that the SUV's centre console is a motorcycle, like some sort of hunting trophy of the urban jungle. This SUV is such a good weapon for taking out intimidating motorcyclists that it wears its trophies with pride for all to see! If you've ever been intimidated by bikers during your urban commute, this is the weapon you should buy!

    That's the message they're sending. It's not just an incidental car chase in a series of car chases in an action thriller.