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Interesting letter RE Bike Parking in City

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Go this via e-mail this morning from the building manager, it was sent to all Tenants in the building and then forwarded to all us plebs (extract only).

    Whilst the City of Melbourne do allow motorcycles to be parked on footpaths as long as is doing so pedestrian access along the foot path is not impinged, please be aware that parking of motorcycles within the building in areas not designated as motorcycle parking is prohibited.

    • Parking along the xxxxxxx St footpath is permitted by the City of Melbourne;
    • Parking adjacent the xxxxxx St entry doors (ie: in the glass cavities next to the doors) is prohibited.

    Could you please ensure that staff are made aware that the continued parking of motorcycles within building perimeter boundaries in areas not designated as motorcycle parking is prohibited. Motorcycles found parked in prohibited areas will from this point forward be removed at the owners risk and cost.

    To convert that into English, the building I work in in Melbourne's CBD has several bikes parked out front even though there are signs on the windows asking them not to be parked there. The front of the building is back slightly from the actual property/footpath boundary and where the bikes are parked puts them out of the weather but within the building's boundary.

    Basically the owner is warning the riders to do as they've been asked or the bikes will be TOWED.

    Now the reason for posting it. You cant just remove someones vehicle from your property (or clamp them) from what I understand as by removing the car/bike you're stealing it as far as the law is concerned so I'm now waiting to see how this goes and will share it with you if anything happens.

    Oh, and if parking in the CBD be careful where you leave your bike.

    and I'm not identifing the building either.
  2. Hmm... Sounds exactly like the spot I park in... Except I don't work in that building any more so I wouldn't have got an email. Would you elaborate in a PM?
  3. They get around the towing fact by sticking a big sticker on the bike saying "Illegally parked at such & such".

    You then have to spend a bunch of time pulling the sticker off.

    Bugger knows if you can claim against them for damage to your vehicle, but it's what building owners are doing these days rather than towing.
  4. if the sticker damages the paint, or that it cannot be removed without damaging the paint, then yeah, you can send them the bill.

    If you're breaking the law, the other party cannot be absolved of its responsibilities. Like someone who fails to give way and accuses the other guy of speeding thinking that this gets them off the hook. It doesn't.

    And I'm not saying that you're breaking the law. If you're parked on private property without permission, they can ask the cops to organise to remove the vehicle. They can't do it themselves. Kennett put a stop to that crap years ago.

    I'd be fighting this one, too.

    It'd be interesting to see if a survey's ever been done of motorcycle parking in the city. How many park in "nooks and crannies" and how many park in parking spaces, whether bike dedicated or general.
  5. Whether it is due to general dislike of motorcycles on the part of those who manage the building or another version of "why should they be allowed to park where we can't" you can't get around the fact that it is private property and if anything was to happen involving a bike parked there, the building management would be liable. I'm not saying that people shouldn't park in places like this, just that you can see why those responsible for that property would issue such a decree.
  6. This wouldn't happen to be just round the corner from the Elizabeth St bike shops would it? Up about 50m from that abandoned corner store... and approximately opposite a pub and PDA store? Big glass facade with signs saying do not park motorbikes here?

    I've been walking past that building on my lunch half-hour for the last few months thinking 'Gee.. aren't those guys lucky to have a nice place to park!'; then low and behold a few weeks ago those little signs appeared stuck to the glass. I noticed people still park next to the main rotating door entrance-way. :LOL:
  7. I reckon it's along the footpath next to the Telstra building, along little Lonsdale St, between Spring and Exhibition Streets. Am I right?
  8. You guys have got it pretty sweet down there...we might have LAMs in NSW but my understanding is you don't have to pay road tolls on a bike, and you're legally allowed to park on the footpath. Is that right?
  9. Guidelines for Parking Motorcycles on Footpaths

    I would assume its a parking offence, so couldn't parking inspectors become involved? Rather than 'naughty naughty' stickers you'd start getting 'Pay City of Melbourne $$$$$' stickers.
  10. If it's on private property, it's between the property owner and the parkee. They can probably request that the police attend to move the offending vehicles.

    Footpath parking is dealt with by parking inspectors, if the bike's not following the rules regarding parking on public (as opposed to private) property. Eg: parked so that pedestrian traffic is blocked, hazard to pedestrians, etc.

    You can't be fined for parking on private property without permission. You probably would be up for towing costs if the owners lodge a complaint and the cops or whoever is authorised to by law (note that "by law") to remove the vehicle. Like contractors who remove cars parked in clearway zones, for example. But that's still directed by police/parking people.

    Of course if your bike parking results in damage to the property or if someone is hurt, then your arse is grass, basically. I doubt that your bike insurance would cover it unless you have public liability.

    It's no real secret that the Property Council of Australia, the body that represents owners of buildings in the various CBDs would love nothing more than to see motorcycles off the footpaths near their buildings.
  11. No idea about legalities of owners being able to take ya bike
    away, but nothing stops em from placing big arse stickers on
    ya windscreen.

    they do that at work. if security find you car in management
    car spot, u get a big arse fluro orange sticker on ya w/screen
    thats a bummer to get off.

    you basically have to use ya nails to remove em & it takes ages
    to remove :mad:
  12. I don't know what the problem here is...where I park my bike it covers the fire exit.
  13. Yes. :grin:
  14. Have you asked them why?