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Interesting item on a Black Spur crash

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pvda, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. No it's not a rider down thread but according to this a rider caused crash :roll:


    Truck drivers targeted
    12th May 2009 02:00:37 AM

    THERE is growing concern about the safety of motorists on the Black Spur after two truck crashes in less than a month.

    In both instances, Grocon contractors transporting bushfire waste, including asbestos, from the Marysville area lost control of the trucks and overturned.

    Two fencing contractors and the truck driver were lucky to escape death when on 8 April a truck and trailer plowed off an embankment on the Fernshaw Reserve corner landing on a tractor driven by one of the men.

    On Saturday 2 May about two kilometres out of Healesville, a truck driver escaped uninjured after he lost control of his truck on a bend and overturned dumping the load of rubble.

    The highway was closed for several hours while the truck and trailer were retrieved and again later in the week while the area was cleared of the rubble.

    Sgt Tony Van Gorp of Healesville Police said the truck driver indicated to police at the scene that he had swerved to avoid a motorbike travelling in the opposite direction in the centre of the road as he came around the bend.

    Grocon had taken steps to address concerns with their drivers and organised a meeting to work through issues, said Grocon spokesperson Jane Wilson.

    - Kath Gannaway
  2. That's as maybe, but how many trucks travel on the middle line or over it on that road and don't get reported?

    Same thing is happening all the time here on Macquarie Pass. The trucks spend more time on the wrong side of the road than they do on their own, especially when travelling eastbound (down).
  3. truck driver indicated to police at the scene that

    more like this I think:
  4. Completely believable.
    Wankers trying to get the knee down often do this. I actually clipped a guy, ever so slightly, as he managed to go well into my lane.

    You have to remember that often we are our own worst enemies.
  5. So!...they drop the speed limit to 80k's to make it safe for all those poor motorists and truckies because the eveil-doers on bikes were just terrorists on two wheels.
    Now that the area is boring as shit and bikers have been brought under control, trucks are starting to crash everywhere...funny that!...
    Oh...but wait a minute...those that DID crash (all by themselves) - we just slip on by THAT, and make sure we mention the one that crashed "because of a biker".
    Might be true!...but from my experience I don't recall ANY truckie swerving to avoid me in the past 3-4 years of riding the Spur, even though I've had to avoid them LOTS of times!

    BUT!...the motorcycle menace has obviously returned!...

    Occifers...Quick!...don your camouflage underpants, and prepare for covert operation "Trucky-Trauma"!...things are afoot!..We must save these poor truckies from those bastard bikers!

    Pant pant...head exploding...time for a pill.. :evil:

    EDIT*...btw...I don't mind that the odd truck or 4wd towing a caravan or boat wanders over the line now and then...I think it's fair enough and all part of country driving/riding, through twistie roads and I take that into account - just change my line, duck under the mirrors or whatever I need to do, and rip on through...
  6. :roll: wow, what a way to generalize...... i would think it's more likely that they just can't corner or corner to fast for their skill level and run wide/you don't have to be trying to get you knee down to run wide on a turn.....

    but i am more likely to go with vinny and his reason on this one :)
  7. Brush up on your Heavy Vehicle knowledge, old boy, I reckon trucks are allowed to cross the centre line ;)
  8. It's often a case of they have to, if they want to get around a corner and still be connected to the road.
  9. +1

    Exactly what i was thinking.
  10. And more often than not, very legal. I'm certainly not saying it is the case in this scenario, but I see many more riders hanging their scones over the c/l trying too hard to corner, than trucks illegally crossing the c/l.
  11. Nope, no special dispensation for heavy vehicles on this one. The fact is that they may cross the centre line sometimes on tight corners but These are the exception. I reckon there are many corners in town that are tighter than what is on the spur and you do not always have to go over the centre line.
  12. rc36, ive actually driven down that road in a truck and its not real wide especially on some of those corners. people dont realise that trucks need more area to turn than a car even if it is only around a bend.

    most of the time when something happens like this the media beat it up or they wouldnt have anything to write about.
    if it was caravans that went over then they would be targeting caravans.
    if it was cars then they would be bashing speeding drivers.
    and so on and so on.
    the media bash it and the government bash it to make it look like theyre doing something about it.
  13. ?
    Umm, did you confuse yourself?
  14. Not at all. There is nothing in the road rules or heavy vehicle operators handbook that says you can cross centre lines willy-nilly. It is an accepted fact that sometimes you will cross them due to the nature of the road. One of those, accepted but not encouraged situations.
  15. Nor did I say they can cross it "willy-nilly".
    They are, however, permitted to occupy more than their lane, should they see fit to negotiate the roadway safely.
    I will endeavor to scan and post the clauses from both Victorian and New South Wales HV road rules. I have them proudly sitting on my desk at work.
  16. In Vic it seems to be Rule 134 (in part 11)

    Exceptions to keeping to the left of a dividing line

    (2) If the dividing line is a single broken or a continuous line, or a broken dividing
    line to the left of a single continuous dividing line, the driver may drive to the
    right of the dividing line to overtake another driver.

    That seems to be it apart from entering or leaving the road.

  17. I will get to it tomorrow morning, but I know it is not the one you mention. It is something to do with avoiding obstruction (inside, or outside of a corner) and is necessary.
  18. I believe the only implicit endorsement you'll find about occupying another lane is in the execution of a left turn, hence the 'Do not overtake turning vehicle' signs on vehicles over 12m long IIRC.
  19. Oh FFS, I thought I would get to knock off today...
    Here is the portion of the ARR that the heavy vehicle excerpt is derived from:
    Clearly, the obstruction being the inside of the corner itself (or outside) in order to get around it without running over it with your rear wheels/trailer etc.
    I bet you've not driven anything larger than a stationwagon. :roll:
  20. The Spur, while being a good surface etc, does have quite a number of pretty tight corners, almost requiring a decent sized truck to creep over the centre line in order to negotiate them. Even good driving and reasonable speed for the conditions, is'nt going to prevent it...Perfectly acceptable to me actually, as I empathize with the drivers of the big turcks.

    But that's a different story to running off the road and crashing, like these boofheads have been doing according to the report - that's just poor driving!...What shits me, is that it really has nothing to do with bikes...yet it still had to come down to bikes!

    If anything, the report makes a good point for banning large trucks on the Spur...but I would'nt advocate that either.