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Interesting item from Tassie

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. This was e-mailed to me so I don't know the original source or if it's genuine hence this warning at the start. Of course being non bike related I stuck it into the Off Topic area although it could serve as a warning about the anti hoon laws on the Island state.

    GLENORCHY Police in Tasmania have seized what is believed to be the most expensive and largest vehicle confiscated under the state's tough anti-hooning legislation, but say that the car and profile of driver don't match that of the usual 'hoon' driver.

    The $80,000 American-built Ford F250 "monster ute" was impounded for 48 hours after off-duty police officers caught its driver hooning at Austins Ferry. Senior Sergeant Grant Twining of Glenorchy police said the 35-year-old man driving the Ford F250 utility did a burn-out that covered an estimated 90 metres of roadway, in full view of a group of off-duty police. Tasmania Police said today that the off-duty officers, one of whom was paying the other a visit, heard noise from the burnout and went outside to a verandah.

    Police said "there in full view was this guy doing this huge burnout," apparently for family and friends.

    "The driver made a full admission to police, saying he had been very 'silly'," Sgt Twining said. He said off-duty officers had a clear and unobstructed view of the offence. "The Ford utility was driven in such a manner as to cause both rear wheels to spin continuously, causing a large amount of smoke and noise," Sgt Twining said. "Considering this act was performed in a residential area, if the driver had lost control of his vehicle, the consequences could have been fatal and not just for himself."

    A local Ford dealer said he was surprised a man had been hooning in a Ford F250. "I have to say it seems unusual for someone to be hooning in one. Most people who own the F250 are mature people," he said. Ford F250s were particularly popular among self-made men from a blue-collar background, the dealer said. Marketed on Ford Australia's website as the ute that will 'Make short work of any task', the truck has a 7.3 litre turbo diesel engine, which produces a 'massive' 684Nm (Newton metres) of torque, comparable to 470Nm produced by a standard Ford ute.

    "We sell a couple a month on average," the dealer added. "The people who normally buy are men who've done well in the trades. Builders like them because they can fit a lot of stuff in the back and they're popular with fishermen who want to tow large boats. Abalone divers seem to like them." The dealer said money was not an issue for people who purchased the $80K Ford F250s. "They're not concerned about the cost or what the fuel consumption's going to be," he said.

    Tasmania Police have now confiscated 330 vehicles statewide since the introduction of anti-hooning legislation in 2004. Since the introduction of the law, Tasmania police say that no vehicle has been permanently forfeited to the Crown, while 98 per cent of hooning drivers are male, with 158 out of 330 offences committed by drivers aged between 15-19.
    Other statistics on hooning convictions show:

    - 109 offences were committed by drivers aged between 20 and 24 years
    - 30 offences were committed by drivers aged between 25 and 29 years
    - 185 offences were recorded between the hours of 7.00pm and 7.00am
    - 138 offences were recorded between the hours of 7.00am and 7.00pm
  2. Knowing the Tassie coppers mate they probably had nothing better to do :idea:
  3. Was in the local rag, and on local news, 'tis "kosha"

    TAZMAN, what do you mean "nothing better to do"??

    Isn't it their job (among others) to catch morons hooning in residential areas?
    IMHO the vast majority od Tas cops a far far FAR better than any on the North Island (generalisation, ignoring the @holes every police force seems to get)

    It couldn't be the first offense either, as they don't impound vehicles until 2nd and 3rd offences down here.

    But the warning is valid, I've got two friends who happen to be aTassie Mr Plod, and they've said they've been told to start using more of the "anti hoon" powers, as the impounding rate doesn't match the number of complaints. (ie general population not happy)

  4. Maybe I should have put a smiley on the end of that one
    Just describing the general easy going attitude of most tasmanians JJ as I am born and bred Tassie just over on the big island for the last couple of years. Coming from dover originally and bridgewater later in life I agree with you totally mate and I reckon it was great that he was in an $80,000 car jsut proves at last that no one is safe anymore when they do the wrong thing as it should be so dont stress mate cause I will always be Tasmanian where it counts
  5. You know I have to hand it to the local cops - idiot did a huge burnout at Kingston beach in a Nissan Skyline GTR (the ones they used to race at Bathurst) so the next day I go to police station and report it because hte a hole sacred the hell out of my wife and child...

    30 mins later I get a knock on the door and the local sergeant lets me know that he caught up with the guy and fined him - the guy complained so the sergeant tells him "if I have to chase up statements mate from the poor people you terrorised then I will charge you with something far more serious so I suggest you just take the fine and keep your hormones under control"...

    It was sure nice to hear that that jerk got what was coming to him - they are getting pretty serious about it now....
  6. Good oh!! I'll now go and pull my head back in :LOL:

  7. Onya bloke, that'll teach him, it only takes a couple of those "visits" and he's faced with impoundment.

    There's a time and place for everything, if the twat can afford to spread his tyres all over the road, then I guess he can afford to take the car to baskerville for a $50 "private practise session". Or at least piss off onto some back road where the sheep/cows are teh only thing getting annoyed.
  8. It does sound like it was a burn out :grin: :grin: (sorry, just making fun of lawer talk)

    Anyhoo, just so I know, do anti hoon laws cover bikes ??
  9. As far as I know - they apply to the drivers of vehicles so I assume bikes are defined as vehicles and as such would be subject to the laws...Will have to look up the legislation to be sure...
  10. Hiya JJ,

    Yeah I was pleasantly surprised - especially when it was the same police officer who only a couple of months earlier I was knocking on his front door telling him about the antics of his son doing the same thing as this jerk down at the beach...He was really good about it (albeit a little embarrassed) and said he would take care of it and appreciated I came to him first before doing something official down at the police station (the policeman actually lives next to my mum).

    I just hate this sort of driving and behaviour - the cars just seem to be getting more powerful and the idiot antics worse - the problem is is that most people are fearful to report it for fear of reprisals - me I don't worry - the more people report it the more these idiots will get sick of paying fines...