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SA Interesting info on SA's state leader

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Fluffy Bunny Feet, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Hey all,

    I just got some info through a close and personal friend about the bloody state leader here in SA.

    Lately Mike Rann has been going hammer and tongs getting speeders nicked and more speed cameras up and running to raise his revenue. His main concern as always is safety and the dangers of "Speed Kills"

    Interestingly Mike and his 3 top advisors (who are coming up with all these new plans to make safer roads by getting the "hoons" and speeders) have never held a drivers license, and a chauffer driven everywhere.
  2. pretty standard to be driven everywhere as a minister/premier and advisors but would be a very strange coincidence for all of them to have never held a licence
  3. Mike Rann has it in for all bikers, the S.A. police's anti-bikie taskforce AVATAR must be giggling like a bunch of schoolgirls with Howards new Anti Terror laws as they will certainly use them to further harrass bikers instead of terrorists.
  4. Just clarify for me that AVATAR was aimed at hardcore biker gangs that are dealing in some serious issues. As opposed to the vast majority of bike riders in SA who have nothing to do with gangs. It seems a long bow to draw to say that AVATAR is cruising the streets targeting the 50 year old bloke that brings his immaculate BMW tourer out of a weekend.

    If AVATAR is trying to stop the gangs blowing up suburban houses then that is a good thing. Remember the Brompton bombing? I do. I was sitting in my lounge room 400m away from the blasts when I almost had the windows rain down upon me as shards.

    If AVATAR is also trying to stop the gangs turning inner-city streets into shooting ranges then that is also a good thing. Remember the shootings next to one of the city pubs just after the bombings? I do. I used to play pool at that pub.

    In regards to SA targeting bikes, how is that different to NSW having signs saying "POLICE NOW TARGETING SPEEDING MOTORCYCLES" or having a number of police staked out on the old Pacific Highway north of Sydney where the traffic comprises 80% motorbikes, 10% cars and 10% push bikes. It is a national mindset on the part of the authorities. SA is really just catching up. I can say this as I grew up in NSW then lived in SA for the last 10 years prior to moving back to NSW a few months ago.
  5. Combine this with this morning's UN report that Australia is among the world's top nations for meth-amphetamine and ecstasy useage, and the links to the hardcore gangs in the manufacture of these drugs, and the picture comes a little clearer, I think.....
    One thing needs to be said, surely; law-abiding citizens ought not to be fearful of laws that are aimed at those who aren't......
  6. ...., a position held by fledgling dictatorships the world over.
  7. The question is who determines what is a bike "gang" as opposed to simply a bike "club". I'm not too keen on these new anti-terrorism laws that allow the Government to declare groups as "terrorists" and therefore illegal. After all what would happen if the oppostion party were declared anti-government and therefore illegal? (It has happened in other parts of the world people)
  8. They used to tell the same story about Bob Carr in NSW. It's probably just as factual.

  9. Hmmm.....An 82 yo concentration camp survivor arrested under new anti-terrorism laws for calling an MP a liar. I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that more than a little disturbing. I reckon calling an MP a liar is a basic democratic right, and often simply a statement of fact.
  10. Welcome to the New World Order. We voted these pricks in, and gave them a majority in both houses, here in Oz. It's only a matter of time before any concept of free speech in this country becomes the stuff of myth and history.
  11. Breaking news out today...
    Coles distibution centre located in Dandenong has made an urgent recall of all drivers today, citing urgent and emergency deliveries of tin foil required in all supermarkets throughtout the Latrobe valley region :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Martin, as much as I respect your right to hold your opinion, 104 years of democratically elected governments, of both political persuasions, through two world wars and several local conflicts, some with control of both the lower house and the upper house, and some without, do not give one shred of credence to your current concerns. Our democracy is the envy of the world, both in places where they also practise democracy, and in places where they wish they could.
  13. For starters,


    Like everywhere else where people like to try to suck each other's cocks about how fantastic the place they live in is, those ballot papers we use to play democracy you might as well wipe your arse with before you dunk them in the ballot box.
  14. I refuse to place any credibility on anything from that self-serving waste of tax-payer's money known as the ABC, especially their paen of praise for everything THEY do and strident smart-lackery about any other news vendor.
    Not criticising you IK, just your source.
  15. Thank you for confirming which side your bread's buttered on...

    ...I grew up behind the Iron Curtain; there was no shortage of people there who believed they were living in the greatest society in the history of the world ever. If those people merely fell for lies disseminated by the system, why would anything else be the case for people who believe the same thing here?
  16. While openly admitting that I am not aware of a better system than ours, I am concerned that taking a docile uncritical position is unhealthy. I know from my own experience, that a career politician's priorities are; 1. himself, 2. his party, 3. his constituents. I am reminded that Adolf Hitler was democratically elected in 1933 under a system very close to ours, and of the adage that, "all that is required for evil to flourish, is for good men to do nothing".
  17. You don't watch "Media Watch" do you.

    It is produced by an independent company, and the ABC do get criticised, and don't have a say in the matter.
  18. IK I respect your experience, but I don't think my criticism of the ABC says anything about me other than the fact that I don't like the ABC.

    The difference between the Iron Curtain countries and here is this very forum; we have the right of dissent, the right of debate and the right to decide our governments in free and fair election.

    Here we have a free press, so people can evaluate news without it being government controlled. We don't have to believe what any government tells us.

    Anyway, the debate started with the suggestion that some government ministers were framing laws that were hostile to motorcyclists. If this can be verified, then we must shout it loud and make sure that those who control these people's political destiny send them a clear message at the next such election.

    I'm all for dissent and the exercise of choice, but I also believe that we are obligated to be law-abiding citizens while exercising that dissent. That, too, is a debateable point, I guess, but it's my conviction.
  19. Did you follow the link above? Our legal and political system is deeply rooted in that of Britain. We have just passed anti-terrorism laws based on those under which this octegenarian was prevented from exercising his right of dissent. Blind obedience to bad laws is a universal defence for evil. Don't you find this just a little ominous?