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VIC Interesting info from VicRoads

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wentworthmeister, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. So I was on the phone to VicRoads this morning, and I was put on hold. I was listening to the 'interesting facts' that the recording was going through, and a few jumped out at me:

    1) "The leading cause of motorcycle accidents is drivers failing to see oncoming motorcyclists. Drivers should be aware... look, look and look again etc"
    2) "Regulation is being investigated that will restrict trucks to use only the left-hand lanes on major roads. Trucks will no longer be allowed to use the right-hand lane..."

    Anyways, not sure what you guys think but I thought that these were both positive developments. I was on hold for approximately 15min, and not once did I hear "speed kills", or anything to do with speed for that matter.
  2. Nice, good to see that some people who work with the powers that be have some sense. I know that there's already "No Trucks" signs on some freeways.
  3. I wonder if it might have to do with those messages not being as politically visible as say TV advertisements and policies.
  4. Another rider killed this morning - from what I heard, it sounds like a 19yr old cager turned right in front of him.
  5. WRONG. We all know speed is the biggest killer. i have died many times in fact.