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Interesting fact about Debs

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Nov 13, 2004.

  1. Debs here ya go just as promised :twisted: :LOL:

    Did you know that Debs get most embarassed and starts squirming about whenever people sing praises about her?

    During the HQ Clean up thread, while various people was sniping each other yet also extolling her virtues, did anybody noticed that she was strangely quiet about those posts? It was due to the fact that she was so embarassed that she was left speechless. 8-[

    So if you ever want to see her squirm, you know where to start :p :p \:D/

    A lot of things she's done for netriders. It was good to see that everybody pretty much acknowledged that, but not enough people tell her that. :D

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  2. You mean as THREATENED
    Minna (or should that be wench), you do realise that the roast pork you had on Thursday night will be your LAST at HQ!! :x :oops: :shock:
  3. Ahh, but Debs, I'm a member of netrider and as such, you haven't refused to close HQ to them. You've been most helpful to netriders and plus the fact is that I do contribute to your bestseller "Confessions under the lemon tree: The Netrider story" :LOL: :LOL: . Also the roast was delicious, I just luv your cooking cause I don't like cooking myself :p :applause: :LOL:

    I'll swing on by after work on Tuesday to help clean up more of your garden. What's for dinner then?? :D \:D/
  4. her bloods worth bottleing . :applause:
    keeping with the sexpo theme

    shes good enough to eat [​IMG]
    :wink: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Debs the bestest!!

  6. Erm, as a relative newcomer to the forums here, may I ask what "HQ" is about? Is it the official or unofficial hangout for Netriders?

  7. "HQ" is Debs' place and for some strange reason she opens her home to all us dero bikers for gatherings, partys, bbqs and general hangin' around. She asks for nothing in return and is the hostest with the mostest. She's an absolute gem and a treat to meet. So that may answer your question.

    VIVA LA DEB!!!!!!! :D

  8. ps - she's da bomb!

  9. OK. thanks for that. And goodonya Deb for being a "hostess with the mostess".....
  10. I'll sing her praises too, even though I can't sing...

    I purchased a neck warmer, and on a cold wet Friday night, after your regular coffee do in the city, she rode with Brent, to the gig I was playing at Fourteen 22, in Narre Warren, and delivered it to me personally!!! AND they stayed to check out some of the show as well.

    It was funny looking out into the crowd and seeing all these chicks bopping away with their going out clothes and then seeing DEB in her leathers sitting there being the coolest chick in DA HOUSE!!!! Now THAT my friends, is ROCK!!!!!

    I thought that was a very nice gesture, from a warm hearted lady who, from what I have read and seen for myself, in the few times I have had the pleasure of hanging out with her, is that she actually CARES about people.

    I never had a sister, but if I was to be given one, like for Christmas or something, or maybe if I won first prize in a raffle, or it was a jackpot prize at the pokies, or if the top prize at them laughing clown things where you throw the ping pong balls in the clowns mouth, or if I was to buy one from Amazon.com, I'd ask for the Flipper Deb one, from the TOP shelf!!!


    DEBS ZZR250 PUP.
  11. Sorta both, it also masquerades as Deb's house which she shares with 2 grouse junior people Jayden & Maddie her hospitality is outstanding her drinking sometimes has her not standing! pmsl but she's a great sport who will put herself out to help all riders! Newbies will have missed out on the bike park spaces but she'll still welcome you!
  12. I really liked Deb , till i found out she rode an across . SHE'S EVIL I TELL U , EVIL.
  13. OMG Minna, you are sooooo dead, and as for the rest of you...
    MOVE ALONG, NOTHING TO SEE HERE!! :shock: :oops:
  14. Admins - can you Sticky this thread ??? :twisted:

    Sorry Deb, but like Minna says - you DO deserve a lot of credit. I reckon that I speak for many people here when I say that praises for you may not always be voiced, but are always thought.
  15. Why do you guys think I took Dazza's bait and sang the praises of Deb?

    To watch her sqerm. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Deb, I have never made it to a function at HQ and can't recall if we have ever met but I have read about all the things you do and how your always there for the netrider crew. You open your house to people you don't know and trust that we will do right by you. You have shared in and been the subject of many a post and not once to my knowledge have you complained. We all owe you Deb and showing our appreciation in this way is the least we can do so just put up with it.
  17. BTW, can everybody give a bit of thought as to where some of their threads should go? Don't just all pile it into General Discussion unless it is a general discussion (eg if you have something for sale, there's 2 sections "Bikes for Sale" or "Other items for sale").

    I know that Debs and other moderators have been working very hard on moving threads in the right sections and replacing images with URLs. It's very tedious work for them. Let's show some appreciation :p

    I wonder if Debs will ever let me back into HQ? :LOL: :LOL: \:D/
  18. You'll sneak in anyway! :p Besides, get someone to ply her with a few drinks and she'll forget all about this little thread and who started it...
  19. I was chatting to a lady last week at a gig and the subject of motorbikes came up....

    WELL, who would have thought that this complete STRANGER brought up the name Flipper, as in her license plate.

    Apparently, this lady was crossing Dandenong Road outside Chadstone with her 2 yr old daughter and 3 year old son.... Her daughter collapsed on the road behind her but didn't notice it immediately, because her son was running too far ahead.... Well, when she looked back, it was too late... There was a semi trailer coming right at the collapsed daughter. Well just so happens our DEB, was in the other lane along side the truck. With her Eagle Eye precision, and her wide screen peripheral vision, she saw the collapsed child on the road, dropped a gear, sped up, moved into the lane, leaned over and swooped the kid up from the road and brought her back to the safety of her mothers arms.

    All that the lady remembers is the red number plate, FLIPR as she rode off.

    I freaked out when she told me, and thought that was awesome.

    Onya DEB!! Your natural maternal instincts took over and saved a childs life.

    C ya's!!!!

  20. Great story Puppy. Just one small flaw in your telling. It may well have been Deb to the rescue, indeed our favourite host is well and truely an amazing superhero with skills and powers many of us cannot even begin to understand but seriously dude she rides an ACROSS! :LOL: That sort of aggressive riding would have resulted in a small explosion of the Suzuki kind. Obviously she had borrowed a honda, most likely a thumping VTR1000 with her plates stuck on. Then again I don't know if her super powers go as far as being able to handle the raw power that such a steed offers. 8) Just a thought