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Interesting entry for Silverstone 24hr race

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Check out Car 78.


    S'pose this will appear on SBS in about 2 years :evil:

  2. Wot, no Cap'n Slow? :LOL:
  3. they forgot "the stig's" first name. he's gonna be mighty pissed off
  4. A mate replied to me stating he read somewhere that he's non driving team manger.

    Shame it will take nearly 2 years for us to see it on SBS but then again torrents are your friend :wink:
  5. I still wonder why Foxtel doesn't pick up on the car racing gap, god forbid they show a race that doesn't involve Ford and Holden! V8s, V8 development, Ute racing, Commodore Cup, Saloon Cup, Aussie race cars, BORING!
  6. No V8Supercars on Foxtel my friend but we do have;
    NASCAR Nextel Cup (Live)
    NASCAR Busch Cup (Live)
    NASCAR Craftsman Trucks
    NHRA Drag Racing
    Indy Racing League (incl Indy 500) (Live)
    American LeMans Series
    World Superbike Series (Live)
    Moto GP Series (Live)
    World Rally Championship
    Inside Speed**

    There are also one of programes covering things like the Irish Road Racing championship, LeMans and other international series.

    Then again too much is never enough :wink:

    ** shows local content including Aust Suberbike, Australian Motor Race Series, CAMS National Series, off shore power boats.