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Interesting development re: written off vehicles

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Noticibly F.A.T, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. **Sorry, not sure if this should have perhaps been in the politics/law section but I've put it in general**

    Was chatting with a vehicle wrecker last week when my old man went to get some spares for his Patrol. Convo goes like this:

    Dad: "So i see you're looking at the car auctions"
    Wrecker: "Yeah cause I'm a wrecker we get to look at the LMCT auctions"
    Dad: "You must find some bargains in there! Just a few parts and then register the thing!"
    Wrecker: "Well actuall as of the 1st of July it's not so easy"
    Dad: "huh?"
    Wrecker: "The government currently has 3 vehicles classifications at the auctions. Registered and RWC, totally written off and never to be registered, and the last one, written off but can be registered subject to inspection. As of the 1st of July, they are doing away with the last one. This means that once a car has been written off, you will not be able to get it re-registered.
    Dad: "What if you've already got a car which has been written off but is able to be registered?"
    Wrecker: "Apparently you can still get them registered. As of the 1st of July they arn't issuing any more certs to allow them to be re-registered. So you can still re-register an old one, but anything written off after the 1st of July will never be registered in Vic again".
    Dad: "Ain't that a kick in the pants!"
    Wrecker: "Boy howdy!"

    So yeah... This might mean that financial write off bikes become cheaper as they can't legally be registered again in Vic, but as it's financial write off might just have some scratches etc.(I'm thinking track days!!!)
    The down side, people might get scammed on ebay by buying a bike they think can be registered. So it will pay to find out when the bike was written off.

    Also, this is just the opinion of the wrecker and what he's heard. I'm yet to speak with/ask anyone else, so thought i'd post it up to see if anyone else has heard anything??
  2. I think that this was made law in NSW over a year ago too :? :?
  3. yeah, to protect the children-loving kitten-mongering unsuspecting buyers
  4. So in a bikes case. Can I take the motor from an unrepairable and put it in a frame of registrable bike.
    I guess what I am asking is it just the VIN they right off ???
  5. Correct.
  6. As far as i knew, Financial write-off wasn't actually "written off" in an official way. It was merely written off of the insurance companys books as a total financial loss for them when balancing accounts, ect.

    there are 2 catagorys of written off. I think they are cutting it down to one, so any structural damage is not re-registerable. Previously, as long as primary structural points were sound, and crumple points were not damaged in any way, the car could be repaired.
  7. That's the biggest load of cockshit I've ever heard in my entire life. That's almost as worse as the idea of having to have a license to smoke. If I ever crash my bike badly enough for it to be written off I'll make sure the powers that be don't find out that it's a write off.
  8. tell us how that works out for you, boss
  9. As long as its not insured it shouldn't be a problem, just drag it home and fix it. If it is insured you're f***ed.
  10. Depending on how this affects the decision on whether to claim or not. The first thing I see happening is insurance premiums going through the roof, as more bikes are unsellable after a crash.
    But possibly, the insurance companies will be less keen to writethem off in the first place.
    That would mean more work for repairers, and less bikes available for sale as track bikes...

    AUGUST 2010

    There are two types of written off vehicles:

    Statutory write-offs - In the case of motorcycles, these usually have frame damage or major (expensive) structural damage. VIN is wiped. Never to be reregistered.

    Repairable write-offs - Salvage value plus repair value exceeds market value. Can be repaired and reregistered. VIV procedure to be adhered to.

    The repair estimator and the insurance assessor generally determine the category.

    (This system is current and has been in effect for at least 5 years as I haven't been issued an updated bulletin!)
  12. You may still be able to work something out with them, though. If somethign is going to cost them at most the same amount, and it makes the customer happier, it works out in their favour. So they might be willing to strike a deal where either certain things are left unrepaired (scratched fairings, for example) or you cover the gap between what it'll cost and what they're willing to pay.

    And its possible to get a quote then make an insurance claim (I did that once), if you're really keen to keep the bike.