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Interesting armour for leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Mouth, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Rider on a GSXF750 pulled-up beside me at the lights this morning. On his leather jacket he had glued or sewn some velcro material to the shoulder and elbow areas of his leather jacket. Attached to the velcro on the shoulders was cut-outs of a rear tyre tread. Thought it was a very ingenious way to add good armour to a jacket that didn;t previously have any, and I would think that the tyre rubber would do a good job too.

  2. Thats a tops idea, I love it when people build stuff of their own...
  3. You sure he didn't just go under a kingswood at the last intersection?
  4. slight problem i can see

    velcro is good but its not so good at high torsional stress( hence why you can undo it)

    if he hits the road and the "armour" grabs at all its going to just rip off and he'll be back to just a jacket..

    maybe OK for the od bump but i'd not want to try it out for real!
  5. Did it look dodgy? If not it's probably something that an enterprising person could start manufacturing - out of recycled tyres too.

    Take it a few steps further and you'll look like the michelin man :LOL:
  6. The only problem I can see is that if you rode in this for a long period of time you could get tired.....
  7. It looked quite good. The tyre piece could have been done a little better, but still looked great.
  8. Armour on top of leather would probably usefull enough on the first bounce tho maybe?
  9. Even if it absorbs the initial impact, then that woudl be better than just the leather by itself. I wonder if knee sliders on leather pants come away during an off? Mine stayed attached during a low pseed off earlier this year.
  10. Why? You think the extra weight would add to exhaustion levels?

    Will I have trout for dinner?
  11. I almost read that as "during a low pissed off earlier this year"

    I was thinking huh? the off didn't make you angry, or maybe you hadn't drank enough for the off :p

    Damn dyslexia
  12. I would have thought velcro would have been OK at handing direct lateral stress (eg grab a bit of velcro, and pull it sideways, not up and away - shouldn't come loose as hard as you pull). It would be interesting to do some tests - Dainese have titanium blobs on the impact points of their suits, I wonder what would stand up better.
  13. Hmmm....I'm picturing 2 versions of an off here.

    One with tyre smoke coming off the rider, one with a shower of pretty sparks.

  14. Are you just trying to ignite debate ?
  15. If it didn't just come off, but gripped (as rubber is wont to do) I would have thought that was the last thing you would want, as it would send you tumbling (hello broken limbs) as opposed to sliding.
  16. so whos gonna make some and throw themselves of their bike to see what happens....

    unfortunately i can't do this so someone else will have take up the challenge.
  17. Another member of the "D.N.A" (National Dyslexics Association) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    How high up were his chicken strips Jason??? :p
  18. Interesting idea, but would you have to wear chains if it snowed.
  19. lets just hope there not silica tyres as he wil just roll and rolll, roll,roll,and........................................roll.