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Interested in Biking, though I know absolutely nothing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Boos, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Over the last couple of months, I've been tossing up the idea about getting my Learners and using a bike to commute to work (easier to find a park, fuel economy, etc). I've mainly been influenced by a buddy at work, who's on his red Ps, riding a 09 Kawasaki Ninja 250.

    Aside from having to convince the conservative parents about my reasons for wanting to get a bike, I know NOTHING about it. At the moment I've been interested in the Ninja 250, it seems to be a popular choice amongst new riders, I've seen a few L and P bikers at uni with them as well. that's about the extent of my bike knowledge :-k

    My main concern is about using a manual transmission. I've only ever driven automatic cars, and have no knowledge at all about how to operate a manual car, let alone a manual bike. One thing I find slightly daunting understanding how it all works, it just doesn't click with me.

    My other minor concern relates to what alternatives there are besides the Ninja 250. After having seen my mate's bike, my gut instinct tells me I want a Ninja, purely based on the fact it looks good (in my opinion). for any recommendations, I guess if I really wanted a bike my budget would be around $4500-5500. I'm 170cm at 63kg and second hand is fine.

    Also, for any Sydney riders out there who are familiar with the Macquarie Park/Lane Cove stretch of Epping road, with the 24hr bus lane, is that a good bit of road to practice on? I have to use it whenever I go to work anyways

  2. Why not go do your L's and see how you go with it? That will answer your questions about if you can ride a manual bike etc. In the end, it's really not that hard to do with some practice. Good luck, I hope you work out what you want to do.
  3. There are plenty of good bikes within your budget. try a vtr250. Heaps of them out there and everyone seems to love them.
  4. Boos ... Check out a pre-learners course recognized by the (RTA in nsw?) first and have a go. You will be able to quickly assess which way you want to go.

    My self I come from a background that I was basically told I'd never drive let alone ride a motorbike, due to co-ordination issues in early years... Well guess what I'm doin now... Give it a go you may surprise yourself !
  5. Hi Boos, welcome to the forum! Like anything at first, some study is in order! When you see motorbike riders, watch for when they change gears, listen to the revs. Im sure you will drive past them or walking down the street. You can even youtube it. That way you will have some sort of concept and basis to learn off. Otherwise pillion and learn from the rider.
  6. Agree with Minglis - do your Ls rolled into a training course. They'll give you a bike, gear, and show you how to ride it in a safe environment. By the end of the day or two days, you'll know if you want to keep going with it or not. If you don't want to keep going, you are $270 out of pocket but you can tick motorbikes off your list.

    If you do want to keep going with it expect to be much, much more out of pocket :)
  7. Hmm, thanks for the quick input guys, I'll probably have a look and do a bit more research, I'm sure it's not that hard, it's just a slight worry I have.

    My 21st is coming up in a few weeks, good excuse to go get my Ls :LOL:
  8. But in the meantime, keep reading and asking questions here :)
  9. Dunno where you got the $270 from....I just enrolled the other day in the pre-learner's course with the RTA and it was only $80! At that price it's a no brainer to anyone curious about riding a bike...
  10. Boos...you have come to the right place for that. Lots to learn here at NR.

    As Stewy55 said, its $80 to give it a go. Book the course and spend some time reading, watching youtube etc to learn more about gear changes etc.

    I hope you have no issues riding a push bike though.
  11. $270 is the learners course price here in Vic (for the 2 day course). I realise it's all different in NSW.
  12. I'm talking full licence course in Vic - your info is better though as I see the OP is in NSW.
  13. The pre learners in nsw is cheaper than 270, less than half that.

  14. Ahhh yeah sorry thinking about it after I posted that it occurred to me maybe you posted the VIC rates! lol

    But yeah in NSW the course is $80, $48 for the computer test and then $22 for your license if you pass the course and test! You've then got a min of 3 months on your Ls and have to pass the pre-provisional course and MOST within 12 months or re-sit the Ls stuff....

  15. Well if you can drive a car then you already know the road rules!

    Mate can you ride a pushbike? Do you get the coordination thing of braking, changing gears etc.

    A naked bike (ie. no fairing) is cheaper to repair if you drop it. So as previously mentioned check out a VTR250. If you are not so confident then look more at the lighter learner bikes as in something in the 250 range. A cruiser is a good start for anyone because they are so easy to balance and a v-twin motor is a bit harder to stall.
  16. The $270 course in Vic includes the 2 day course, testing and the license itself unless you don't have your car license yet. If you don't have your car license yet then it's an extra 20 dollars.
  17. I won't read all the posts so I'm sure some of what I will write will be repeat....

    - Do loads of reading here.
    - With any new hobbies I generally start buying magazines. They can teach you a whole lot.
    Go out to your local bike spot (with or without a bike) and have a chat to some riders.
    You'll find we're a very friendly community, tight knit and look out for each other (for the most part).
    BEFORE you 'decide' to bike a bike based on looks and what others are riding alone, get your Ls and start test riding machines. Choose the bike that makes you feel the most confident, forget brand names, loyalties , colours etc no good riding a green bike if it doesn't inspire confidence.

    You'll find plenty of choices in your budget. Does your budget include gear or not?
    Buying privately you'll save $$ but need to purchase gear. Buying from a shop means you'll pay a bit more BUT you can get free gear thrown in. For them selling a 5K bike a helmet or jacket or boots (or sometimes all 3 depending on cost of the gear you choose) they will include some gear....usually.

    If you've had ZERO exposuire to riding then doing some proper riding courses (not just the stay up right ones for your Ls + Ps) will definately help you overcome nerves.

    Otherwise, have fun, take time deciding what you want to buy, take time learning how to ride and you'll love it and save a fortune in parking, fuel etc.

    Good job and welcome!
  18. As said do the course first and see how comfortable you feel from there.

    I can already hear people piping up saying that this is a bad idea and "you'll get used to a manual quickly and easily" and they might very well be right BUT IF after your course you really feel you are going to struggle with it along with everything else, then don't necessarily rule out a scooter (or gilera DNA180 or Arquin V3 if you really need a m/c body) till you feel more confident and then looking at stepping up later on.

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...cs=3&__N=1432 1429 1428 4294966129 4294956787

    http://www.bikesales.com.au/all-bik...cs=1&__N=1432 1429 1428 4294967066 4294967065
  19. I've had a bike license for 20 years and I've still got no idea.