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Interested in a Netrider only track day?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey Guy's,

    After the success of the last Preston Club race school, and seeing a lot of riders in the novice class wanting / needing tips on track-craft, could I have an expression of interest from you guys on who would like a Netrider only day.

    It may have to be a weekday due to track bookings and price but I don't see that as a problem, especially with months of good weather coming.

    I think we could make it happen with about 40 or 50 riders, split into two speed groups for about the $120 mark (will have to confirm that with Broadford track management).

    I'm sure I can bring along some of the Preston Club racers for more personal tuition.

    If you're interested please add your name to this list, if we get some serious numbers I'll make it happen.

    Regards, John

    1. Johnny O
  2. sounds pretty good. When you thinking?
  3. Once we can get a good number of people interested I can put the acid on the Manager of Broadford track, I'm guessing anytime from late Jan to end of March 2012?
  4. 2. Quo Vadas - had an awesome time yesterday and would be up for more track time.

  5. If you can teach me how to track, I will go. ^_^
  6. Oooooooooooh now THATS tempting....
  7. make it the end of March and I'm in pending recovery
  8. 3. danny_tb
  9. 1. Johnny O
    2. Quo Vadas

    And so on ....
  10. 1. Johnny O
    2. Quo Vadas
    3. danny_tb

    Cut and past as we go
  11. You will need quite a few. Have you priced a track?
    I have only seen pricing on corporate days @ PI. They go for 12 to 15 Grand. A day.
    Think QR up here starts at about 8. Then if your timing.. Add a few G for marshals. An another couple of G for the ambo and two paramedics.
    It's not cheap.The smaller off the main radar tracks are cheaper.
  12. 4. Gilesy
  13. 5. Bamm-Bamm
  14. Interested (to the point of finding out when and how much at least)
  15. I'm definitely a go for this John and it would be even better if it was on a friday lol
    Shouldn't have a problem getting enough people from NR

    Cheers B
  16. Interested, and know two others who are also, but we cannot give a serious commitment yet, so will wait and see what date comes up.
  17. im interested in any track day! i keep missing them, so wo uld be my first, count me in!
  18. 1. Johnny O
    2. Quo Vadas
    3. danny_tb
    4. Gilesy
    5. Bamm Bamm
    6. ZX9A6
    7. Jap

    To keep the list complete, copy & paste the above list and tack your name on the end (saves me updating it)
  19. Broadford is not PI, I work at Broadford, I have contacts ;-)