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Interested in a Guzzi V65 Lario- am I crazy?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Icy, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. I'm on the lookout for a small block Guzzi and came across a Lario for sale. I would really prefer a V50, but I am sorely tempted.
    Having done a brief search, the issues with the valves on the 8v engines look a bit scary! Are they as problematic as I'm lead to believe? I already have several 4-wheeled money pits and don't really need another!! My gut reaction is that I should leave it well alone, and keep looking for a 4v model- any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance from a newbie :)
  2. Is it your first bike?

    Very cool, but a bit slow.
  3. I suggest some really good noise cancelling headphones. That way you won't be able to hear the top-end noises which might upset you :D.
  4. I own a 2010 Guzzi 750 Breva and love it. Sure it vibrates a bit, but it's wonderful to ride, handles well and gets pretty good mileage. And it's comfortable. It's a small block motor. If I had've had my licence at the time I bought this, I would have shelled out for a Guzzi Griso1200 8v. These things are the duck's nuts. They handle and they look fantastic, and there's a really good worldwide support network on Wildguzzi.com.
    If you can't get the Lario get a V7 or a Breva. You won't regret it.
  5. Fixed
  6. Thanks for the comments! I currently have a CB125N that I'm learning on, but having to ride the ring out of it to get my 90kg frame anywhere is wearing a bit thin and I would like something a bit bigger!! The Lario is LAMS approved, but you've got me thinking- maybe it'd be better to wait till I'm fully licenced and go for a V7...
    I like the headphones idea!! :music:
  7. Ducks nuts sounds better VC.
    Icy, if you can wait till later next near, Guzzi are bringing out a slightly more powerful V7 in matte black. It's getting some good comments on wildguzzi and guzzitech.com.
    PS you don't need the headphones, these things sound good on their own.
  8. Talk to the guy in the servo at Tarago (NSW) who spent 18 months waiting on parts for his V50 to come from Italy. :(
  9. Well, I've emailed the Lario owner with a heap of questions so I'll wait patiently for a reply! :) Thanks for the advice, I hadn't really considered the V7 till now, so should things not work out on the Lario I think I might wait and save my clams for a second-hand V7 or a demo!
    Matte black isn't really my bag though- I lurve the look of the Griso in green with a tan saddle so might have to copy that look. On my way to work, I often pass a white Griso parked and drool over it every time I see it :)
  10. Well, you've already got a water soluble 80s bike with expensive, long lead time spares and a weak top-end so I see no reason why you shouldn't continue in the same theme :D.

    Seriously, though, given what I've seen people go through with "bargain" Guzzis, it's rather hard to actually recommend them as a practical proposition.
  11. The Lario is infamous for having a self destructing top end (and I'm a Guzzi fan).

    I would recommend just about ANY other small block instead of one (seriously).

    You can pick up cheap Nevada cruisers if your budget doesn't stretch to a V7, or if you've got a few more $ the Breva 750 is a good bike at less $ than a V7.
  12. The Breva I bought in April this year was $12990 on the road in Canberra. I thought it was a very good price. I think there are one or two new one's left in Oz, so be quick.
  13. Perfect company for my 2 partly dissolved alfas and a fiat! :) No word from the seller yet, which may be a good thing!!
  14. It's a shame that the 750 Breva isn't LAMS approved because it's too big.
    Maybe if we asked Guzzi really nicely, they could come up with a LAMS compliant one. Ducati managed it.
    I think it would be quite attractive to the moneyed mature age types just getting into motorcycling.
  15. I think you'd be better of with a V7 and ex demo ones are reasonably priced I gather.
    Better to wait til you are off restrictions before spending $, it opens up a whole world of possibilities.
  16. Well, I think you've talked me out of it! I've decided to pass on the one for sale, but will keep an eye out should a Monza come up. In the mean time, I'll start saving for that V7! :)
  17. You'll just have to move to Canberra. The only limit is on power to weight. If the bike puts out less than 150 bhp per tonne, you can ride it on L plates. Bout the only really good thing about Canberra.
  18. hmmm....ad has been removed!
  19. Ah yes, I knew a bloke who bought a cheap Imola a few years ago. Well, it started out cheap.............