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Interest in riding

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nodz, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Just wanted to know how people became interested in/fanatical about motorcycling. What were the precursors or events leading up to making the decision to purchase the first bike

  2. Woulda started in the late '50s.
    The parental 125 Vespa was the only post-war transport the parents could afford then.
    Mum on the back and I standing on the footboards between dad's arms for the 30km commute from home to work.
    The early November fog covering the river Rhine (Germany) and us crawling up the ramp of the bridge with the biting cold and moisture hitting the face is the earliest impression of "biking" I can recall...and Granddad's rusty Indian Chief, another wartime-leftover, slumbering away in that rickety garden shed he'd nailed up out of orange-crates.
    Damn, should have wheedled it out of him then..it had a dark-olive coloured ammo-box on the back...but that's another story.
  3. Mmmm... mines a bit of a long story!

    My interest started in about 1977 when my big sister brought home her Moto Morini 3 1/2). She took us littlies (I was 4) for a dink up and down the street and I loved it.

    Didn't get another chance to get on a bike till I was 17 and a guy I was going out with had a crappy old road/trail bike that he used to take me for rides on. Then he borrowed his housemate's NSR400, I jumped on the back and we were off for a blat down the highway to see how fast we could make it go, and OOPS, a milk truck pulled out in front and as it did so a crate flew off the back. :shock: The BF hit the brakes and lowsided it, sending me sliding down the road for 52 meters with the bike on my leg! I dumped him after that, when I found out he hadn't actually had permission to borrow the bike in the first place! D***head! :LOL:

    But that didn't put me off and about a year later I was going out with Julian who rode a Katana. We went for rides down to Batemans Bay via the Clyde Mountain, in the rain, just to get fish and chips or coffee... I loved riding with him, we always had a ball! We'd go for a long blat in winter and get home freezing cold at some ungodly hour at night and listen to Cold Chisel and have a few drinks... But then Julian was out with another mate on the back one day, heading home from his brothers place, when a car pulled out in front of him. Julian was killed but Pete survived. I still have a pic of Julian up on the shelf and still think of him whenever I see a Katana or hear a Cold Chisel song!

    But even losing Jules didn't put me off bikes! A year or so after that I met my hubby Jason. We weren't officially an item yet but he was trying! :LOL: Another mate of mine, Paul, bought a bike and took me for a ride to meet a lot of his other riding mates. I guess Jas got jealous because straight away he pulled out the old Kwaka Z6 that had been used as cricket stumps and was basically held together with electrical tape, and he made it go! Somehow he got it past the roadworthy inspection and then he took me every where on the bike! (Starting to sound like a real bike-whore aren't I!! :LOL: ) Around that time we did become an item "officially". Jas traded the Kwaka in on a Honda VF1000 when he realised that he'd never keep up with the other blokes on it when we went to rallies etc. After trading the Honda in he had a FZ750 which was trashed when a ute pulled out in front of him from behind a truck. Jas hit the windscreen with his shoulder and landed on his back in the tray of the ute. The tarp on the ute probably saved his life. It put him out of work for 3 years due to 4 operations and ongoing problems with his shoulder.

    BUT that still didn't put me off. Jas got another bike when his insurance payout came through, which he quickly traded in on the YZF1000 ThunderAce. We were out riding the other bike (can't remember what that was either, but I hated it), it was so damn uncomfortable two up, when we stopped for a break we just looked at eachother and said "its gotta go", so we went straight to the shop and immediately fell in love with the ThunderAce. That bike stayed with us until a couple of months ago and took us on LOTS of trips until Jas did in a couple of discs in his back and decided he needed an old mans bike, so he bought the Ducati ST2.

    I guess it was because of his sore back but his confidence with me on the back seemed to slip a bit which made me feel nervous... and I decided it was time for me to be in control for a change, so I got my L's and bought my own bike! Which I then dropped, so now I'm back to pillioning until I get my baby back! :(

    Both of my brothers and my sister-inlaw all ride too. My Dad used to ride as well. So I guess it's in the blood!
  4. Wow as you said a long story. After the number of accidents you and your fellas have had I wouldn't have been surprised if you said you'd never ride again.

    Does your sister still own the Moto Morini? That would be worth a fair bit now, if in good condition or done up/restored. The AMCN got a story this issue, apparently Moto Morini have just restarted manufacturing bikes. A long awaited return
  5. Actually, my older brother now owns the Morini - and is in the process of restoring it. He also owns another Morini and a number of Benellis which are being looked after by a museum in NSW while he is living in the USA. He also rides a Ducati Dharma.

  6. Wow, motorcycle heaven. Will you trade up to one of them when finished with the VTR250?
  7. My interest probably started around the age of 7 when I was handed a mini bike to ride around 10 acres of bush land my parents had recently purchased. I spent days clearing a track in and out of the trees around the block and years having fun on several mini bikes.
    Around the age of 14 or 15 my interest turned to other things and I spent the next 15 or so years concentrating on other things like school/work, girls/women cars (rallying and amature circuit stuff) and family. Bikes were still in the back of my mind but as a luxury I couldn't afford.
    Then around 10 years ago I got back on a little honda 80cc machine at my parents and had a blast. round and round the property, over humps down dips, out onto the road. couldn't get enough. That did it. Bikes were back on the agenda. It just took me another 7 or 8 years to be able to convince the good lady wife. In the end I won her over with the argument that 1 car and 1 bike are cheaper to run than 2 cars and she could have a new car if I could have a bike and sell the 2 existing cars.
  8. :D Hehehe, good deal!

    Mmmm... I don't think so... after the amount of work he's put into them I don't think I'd trust myself with any of them! Besides that, having levers on the opposite sides could be a bit wierd methinks!
  9. Well.. I think my interest started around 5, because my Dad used to ride and one day he put me on the back 8) :twisted:

    Ever since then I wanted to ride

    Lisa :twisted:
  10. I gotta try that one!!

    Me, I'd been thinking about the idea for about 10 years, but it would always disappear. Really was in the far recesses of the mind whilst I was racing amateur rally.

    When I moved to Melbourne a few years ago, I went to work in a department full of bike enthusiasts (with and without licences/bikes). Was finally the push I needed to actually go and do my learners - I figured the 2 day course would tell me pretty quickly if biking was going to be for me or not - especially since I've NEVER touched a motorbike before (I'd sat on one at the Dowerin Field Day once, I think, but it was switched off)

    No going back now - the desire to fire up a big cruiser, get out on the highway and eat up some serious milage is burning brightly. I'm looking forwards to touring all around Victoria on two wheels.

    Now I just need the big cruiser...
  11. I had a bike given to me when l was 14 and had no idea how to change gears, so l would just flog around in 1st gear until it died...lol.

    But basically watching a family members success in his riding career over the last few yrs had spurred me on and just felt the need to get on a bike.

    So l did the Hart 2 day course and bam!..got me a bike.

    Should have done it years ago.

  12. its simple, driving a car is slow and boring...
  13. I have no idea how old I was, but I have a memory as a very young girl sitting on the back of my brother in law's Harley (my sister got married when I was 5 and was seperated by the time I was 7 :wink: ) so I was around bikes from a young age. Both my brothers had bikes also but I have no real memory of them (My brothers are 15+ years older than me)

    By the time I was 16, the family bikes were all gone, but I was pillioning regularly with a my boss, who had a Honda CBR. Then when I was 19, my boyfriend had a Honda VT250, but was on restrictions so I never rode with him. It never even occured to me to get my lisence at that stage! God knows why not!

    Years later, I met Mouth and he was between bikes after a crash, but we talked about bikes a lot and he always talked about getting one again. We went to Phillip Island as flag marshalls for Honda Ride days and I pillioned with one of the HART guys and Jason test rode some of the new bikes there, but I still didn't think of doing it myself!

    One day a girlfriend at work said "I'm doing my motorcycle learners, you want to come along" completely out of the blue, so I signed up. Told Jason that night, he was pretty stunned, since it had come out of nowhere!

    I got my learners and then sat on them until GP when I saw all the bikes leaving for after the race and we were sitting in the car and thought "this is ridiculous!" I bought a Honda CB250 within two weeks and the same day we picked it up, Jason went to and put a deposit on his VFR800. The rest is History! :D :D :D
  14. Looking back, it's in my genes. So it's weird it's taken me so long to get my own bike.

    My Dad was in the British Army in WW2. Part of the time (when he wasn't having fun drifting Bren gun carriers on icy roads) he was a motorcycle despatch rider. As well as night riding carrying messages from A to B (no street lights, masked headlight), he'd also do stuff like standing at an intersection with a torch showing a column of tanks which way to turn, then have to leap on the bike and overtake the column before the next intersection - all without any lights. They lost quite a few riders that way, apparently.

    My Mum was evacuated from Liverpool to live with relatives on the IoM. After the war she went there regularly, and loved the TTs. She confessed to having been pillioned round the circuit on the back of a racebike one year. I thought it best to ask no further questions about the incident...!

    Neither of them were into bikes here in Oz however.

    Me? Well I always found myself with mates who rode bikes, but somehow never bought one myself. Then it was babies/family/work and the time was never quite right.

    Now it is, and I'm having a ball.
  15. Cool stories!

    I got interested when i was about 10. The next-door neighbour had a boarder, and he rode a Bonnie, and welded up minibikes with lawn mower engines. i used to love visiting his place - the smell of oil, the flash of the welder arcing, a parallel twin backfiring through the carby. I'm sure I a was a pest, but he always let me sit on the floor and talk to him while he worked on his bikes. He could usually find me a job to do - cleaning sparkplugs with a wire brush, oiling chains, sorting his spanners.

    My dad used to ride, but i didn't know that until I was in my teens. Mum asked him to stop when I was born (more on that later). My grandfather had a Harley with a "Yates Road King" sidecar that he used to take his mother (my great grandma) on her fortnightly family visit to Bendigo. Years later I found a collection family photos of uncles, great uncles and even a great aunt on their bikes.

    When I got to the magical 17y9m, my parents gave me money to get my driver's licence, but didn't specify clearly enough what sort of licence they were funding. I came home with a bike licence. I remember the dinner table conversation quite clearly - Mum was furious, while Dad tried to act mad but kept winking at me.

    As I said earlier, Dad stopped riding in 1963. When I was about 30, I left my bike at his place for a year while I didn't have a garage. I came over one day to give it an oil change and the cylinders were warm...hmmm. It turns out that he's been sneaking out in my jacket and openface and riding it at night when mum was out. No licence.

    I sat him down and gave him a good talking to (Dad... you're grounded!) and we agreed that I wouldn't tell mum he'd been riding if he went and got his licence back. So he did and, for a short while, Dad and his three sons were all back on the road.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that a passion for bikes was always in the family, even during my childhood when Dad wasn't riding. I guess that, once your're bitten, you've got it for life.
  16. I have raced and ridden Motor Bikes, Push Bikes, Go Karts, and last of all Cars since I was about 7 years old.

    My dad was a former Australian Road Race Champion (Push Bike) and always had friends that rode/raced bikes and the like. I started Moto X and BMX Racing at 7. Got to about 12 and Started Go Kart and 125cc Road bike as well as Moto X. Had a couple of bad accidents and some operations at 16. Went back to racing Formula Ford and 600cc Road bikes at 18. Had a really bad accident at 23 and have only started riding again (5years) since then.

    Hope thats enough.

  17. Are you now? That's good. I don't know what that is but it's good. Sometimes it can be good even if you don't know it. And, if you don't know it sometimes it can be good not to know it. For knowing it is sometimes not knowing it. Message too short.
  18. Re: Interest in riding; What were the precursors?

    (I love all these stories,
    and ain't it amazing how they balloon even when you attempt to write succinctly)

    First ride was a friends PW50 at the age of 10. :D
    After that i was adulterous with Dirt Bikes belonging Family and Friends whenever i could.

    First legal road experience was as a pillion on an RGV250,
    then on a GPz750 TURBO when my mate upgraded.
    Vivid memories of the GPz cruising at a sedate 60kph along Hoddle St,
    then within-the-blink-of-an-eye we were lane-splitting at 120kph+. :shock: :eek:
    As a pillion i wore little more than a helmet for protection.
    (In hindsight; Can anyone say Squidward!)

    At my first job, a workmate was crushed under a bus whilst riding to work.
    My supervisor was his best mate,
    and at the funeral he made me promise to never ride a bike.
    I agonised over that promise for many years.

    6 years later someone walked in to the office of my next job
    and yelled out, "Who wants a free motorbike?".
    Just as i jumped up to say "YES, ME" another workmate beat me to the punch!
    Although the bike slipped through my fingers,
    a very good thing came of this event, as it spawned 5 riders.
    The '81 Suzuki GSX250 had been left to collect rust in the yard.
    My workmate got it RWC and Registered, (bless his heart)
    then he booked himself, myself and 3 others into HART. :)

    After getting my [L]'s i committed a few acts of adultery with that little Suzi until,
    a friend sold me his ZZR250 at mates rates, due the birth of his son. :D
  19. I don't have as good a story as the others.

    I just got sick of taking 'the cage' 2 work on my own with the expense & slow traffic. So I did the 2 day HART course & haven't looked back since. Except that due cercumstances I quit my well paying job & purchased a 1 tonne ute & now work 4 myself doing deliveries. That way I don't have 2 pay the ex much. But now I only get out on the bike on weekends, well sometimes. :(
  20. had always thought they were cool, and then i had a ride on my a friends zzr250, and as he said 'i've had little motorbikes racing around in my veins' since then.

    got my L's excactly on the age that it was legal, and now i have my car and motorbike L's at the same time, cause i'm not yet old enough for my car P's.

    now i just goto get a bike...