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Interest in offroad tour - unpowered

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by port80, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. This is for those of us riders of the unpowered two wheel variety, specifically cross country / mountain bike riders .

    I'm keen to setup a 3 day off road (MT8) tour sometime later this year. I'd like to get together 4-6 riders that are interested. We would need to ensure all bikes are equipped to carry enough supplies (food/tent/water etc).

    This would most likely take place in or around Vic.

    So who's interested?
  2. Two wheels without engines what a strange concept. ;)
  3. By all means do what you want, but wouldn't it make more sense to post this on a bicycle forum?
  4. :LOL: Why? Hell there is so much non mc related stuff on this forum, why not post this - this is even slightly similar to mc.

    Realistically though I'd rather ride with people that I know.
  5. I would be keen.
    But not around October 25th for a week or two, getting married.
    I have done a few enduro races so i have the fitnes.
    When and where were you thinking?
  6. 1) Excellent
    2) Cool, timeframe not yet established.
    3) That puts you in a much better position than an unfit IT guy.
    4) See 2, maybe a long railtrail. Perhaps find some good 4wd tracks?

    Sorry for it all sounding a bit hazy, I need to put in a bit of research to make it happen. Before I do so I wanted to see how many people would be interested.
  7. I have always wanted to do the railtrail from Wangarrata to Bright.
    Ride from Wang to beechworth, stay there the night to ride the mountain bike park. Then ride from beechworth to Bright. Both places have some awsome riding areas.
    Is that the type of riding you were thinking of?
  8. I have no idea why, but this idea is appealing to me. Then again, I'm a complete lard-arse and usually when I ride my pushie the dog is pulling me along. Keep me in the loop anyway, this sort of punishment could be an interesting life experience.
  9. Loz on a pushie! Keep me in the loop, there are some great tracks around the aquaducts near Powelltown. Also this would be all offroad. Have you thought about having a chaser car with supplies??
  10. The Hikes and rides I have done I may have feel stuffed after, but I have always felt better physically and mentally for it. This isn't going to be a tour de france so fitness level will need to be moderate but not olympic.

    Here is one option, but its paved the entire distance.

    It's a but short but we might be able to build something around it.

  11. This is the map for the murray to mountains rail trail.

    It looks like the best bet to date.

    We'll try to set this up over a weekend - perhaps around Oct 18th? For those that are interested please respond so I can start figuring out camping.

    Who prefers to camp in tent, who wants to camp by credit card?
  12. It's something I've always thought about doing so yeah I'd be interested. Bike isn't set up for touring so credit-card camping might make things easier - though a chaser car would make things easier still (also don't have a car that can carry a bike, but might be able to borrow one).
    I used to ride 40km a day - but haven't ridden much since getting a motorcycle. Shouldn't have too much trouble maintaining a leisurely/non-competitive pace for a full day though.

    Actually always wanted to do the Ballarat-Skipton railtrail - though at 54km it's probably not enough to make a weekend trip, probably more of a (long) day trip. If you wanted to use that as a training run though I can offer a couple of spare beds and 2 sofabeds for the night before/after. No gaurantee of kind weather in October around here though (it has snowed as late as November).
  13. Chaser car is an option and not a bad one. Personally I get a buzz out of traveling self sufficient.

    If we could average 15km/hr we could knock this rail trail over in a couple of days easily. Maybe camp right at the start of the track Friday night and have a long day Saturday - try to cover better than 60kms. Then it should be a fairly moderate length ride on Sunday.

    Another good one for Melbournites to train on is the Lillydale railtrail. You can get there by train.
  14. I would be keen, only problem is at the moment i only have a road bike. I go long distance over wwekends for fun. I went a few monthes ago to anglesea ( i live in EAST ST KILDA0 and in week or so when a bit warmer going to ballarat.
    But if i can get hold of descent mountain bike, yeah sounds great!
  15. Mendy, if we go on the above railtrail you will be fine on a road bike I think. It's paved the entire length. Not sure how you will go carrying stuff though.
  16. i have aproper bike backpack thing (lol, "THING"), and thinking of ordering the things that go near the back tire. What would the distance be around, how much time and what items to bring, (also, travelling throught the night?). And finally, weekend, or weekdays (first one i imagine)
  17. Close to 100kms over a weekend (camp friday night - start riding sat morning). I would be camping I think. Some may choose to stay in a hotel or B&B.
  18. Now just need a few others intrested, and sounds like a date!! lol
  19. If it was the weekend before l would be in.
    But the missus and l have to do the family thing on the weekend of the 18th as we get married on the 25th.
    Now l know why so many blokes call their wives "the hand brake" :p