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interest in a ride today[wednesday]? arthurs seat

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by spongesam, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. got tomorrow off... (well whole week)... and would be interested in riding arthurs seat...

    forcast is for a sunny afternoon with light breezes, 22*C... to me that sounds pretty awesome :)

    (with the view i woudln't mind having a digicamera too... but aw well)

    wouldn't mind a couple of people tagging along with me for this?

    i'd be looking at heading down around 1.30-2.30... get afternoon tea / late lunch up the top of arthurs seat... heading about around 4.30 / 5

    pm me if u are interested... (or reply of course)
    cheers... spongey

    edit: for wednesday
  2. yeah I'd like to go for a ride down there tomorrow. Have a couple of things I gotta do in the morning though which I hope I can get done so is there any way to confirm before you leave??
  3. will pm my number...

    as for a meet point... am open to suggestions...

    maybe mobil at end of franga freeway?
  4. any one else take an interest?


  5. Why not make it a more interesting ride by jumping off the peninsula freeway and taking the old part off nepean hwy to Moats corner (Dromana just before the drive-in) and turn left onto Bittern-Dromana rd just for the pleasure of the winding section. Then you can take a right into merricks rd all the way to Frankston-Flinders rd. Take it right then right again up Red Hill-Shoreham rd which will take you up the hill through Red Hill sth. If you take a left into shands rd(a few nice bends and a great little valley) until you reach Purves rd. Turn right into Purves rd up the back of Arthurs seat(If you watch for police you can let it rip along here!!). Then you can take the winding rd back down the front on your way home. You will enjoy most of what the peninsula has. climbs,descents, well shaded winding roads and areas to pull a few G's!!
  6. information overload... will investigate this route
  7. Sounds good mate I will come down for a run if ya still going
  8. If you're going to take some back roads, turn left off the Mooroduc Highway just after Mornington (where the freeway proper starts), and take the old road down to Dromana. It comes out at Moats corner too. Follow Tonylings directions to do the windy bits on Dunns Creek Rd (Bittern Dromana Rd). When going down Red Hill-Shoreham Rd keep your eyes open as it's been resurfaced recently and there's crap everywhere.

    If you're going to do laps of the seat, be warned, Mr Plod on the marked bike and his mate on the unmarked bike have been seen cruising it recently, so do a recconnaisance run first.

    I'd love to come, but some of us have to work. :evil: I might cruise down for a few laps at about 6 tonight though if you're still there.. :LOL: :roll:
  9. its all good... i know where these roads are now :)

    keep in mind im relatively noob, so pace wont be lightning

    cheers for the heads up macca

    ps: doubt i'd be there that late
  10. Ahhh was that you ????

    Hey Spongesam you guys must have been the ones sitting next to us ,if i knew you were getting a ride together i woulda linked up,i was there bout that time with Caz on her mighty Viagra,oh well at least we said g,day :grin:
  11. Re: Ahhh was that you ????

    don't you make fun of my little beast, she got us both to Hurstbridge yesterday, didn't she!! :p :p

    hey Sam, wish I had of known it was you :grin:
    Nice ponytail by the way...but mines longer :LOL: :LOL:
  12. i'll be up there tomorrow after lunch.. I'll keep an eye open for ya's
  13. was there today for a little run up and down before the run over to the coffee , great road , I love it.

  14. I did a run up there yesterday and again today .. just makin' sure everything is okay after I swapped the motor over. Shot up and over the top this arvo after doing the right thing at VicRoads, (Dromana), by changing the engine number over on the rego. Given it's basically on my back doorstep I get up to Arthurs Seat a fair bit .. lots of nice roads leading to and away from there.

  15. LOL ..your a day late :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Re: Ahhh was that you ????

    haha i'm jealous!!! i been workin on my hair... can't actually remember the last haircut... (getting close to a year!)

    a lot of riding has made my hips sore...
  17. Lol..get a cruiser....no more sore hips!!
  18. i really want to take one for a ride to be honest!

    and i've been eyeing off the XVS1100's ... i really like the look of them!
  19. Are you still on restrictions?

    I'll let ya have a spin on mine anytime ya like!
    Its only a wee beast, but I love her all the same.
    Just remember..you trash it....you bought it
  20. yeah im still on restrictions :(

    the GPX hasn't really been a problem for me, i consider myself average height... about 5'10''... and i don't feel too cramped on the bike...

    but last week i had a nice limp after my hip on the right started playing up... today isn't so bad though...

    would love to see what a cruiser is like to ride... even if it's just around the corner!