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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by kawasaki1, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. inter coms what really works they seem to be expensive to me but would like to chat to partner behind on ride does anyone have expierence with these

  2. Basically you get what you pay for.
    I've been in the game for over 20 years and I've put LOTS of the cheapie systems in the bin for people after thay came to get a good one.
    I import and sell StarCom1, I have an OLD Ducati with "Conti's" and can hold a phone conversation at 120kph and got asked to write down the guys details to post him stuff because he couldn't tell I was riding at the time!!!
    If you want to talk to each other and listen to stereo music at over legal speeds expect to pay upwards of $500.00.
    If you go to Dick smiths etc for the cheapies expect to be able to use it sat still at idle only :wink:

    D'oh forgot www.dmme.com.au
  3. I got one of these - NETRIDER competition!

    And they work a treat. Million times better than what I had prev for tunes.
    Now I have tunes (MP3) and handsfree for the phone as well.
    Don't carry a pillion often, but intercom is provided there as well.
    The old - get what you pay for seems to describe it well.

    Wireless helmet connection would be good, but cable doesn;t get in the way!.
  4. I use the Nolan N-com but you've got to have the Nolan Ncom helmets...it's not cheap when you have to buy two helmets and two intercom units... but If you're buying new helmets anyway it's a good deal and a great system (good helmet too). $399 helmet. $299 wire intercom master+$99 slave. OR
    Wire or bluetooth connected. Can bluetooth or wire in phone. Can wire in MP3. Rechargeable/replaceable battery inside the helmet.

    Otherwise I recommend Oxford BikeMike (They were up to version 3 last time I looked, the control boxes just keep getting smaller and smaller).
    About $160 and works at highway speeds quite well, doesnt require new helmets either.
    Alkaline Battery or bike powered. Wire connected. Can plug in music.
  5. Can confirm the 'you pay what you get' part.

    I tried the cheapie option of some UHFs from dick smith, paid about $100 for the set. I made sure I got powerful ones, claimed to go up to 8kms. However they are TOTALLY useless if the bike is even just idling. (I was using this bike-bike, never went more than 30 metres away). Absolute rubbish, the auto talk feature had a HUGE delay and didn't work most of the time, the noise reduction was a joke, it wasn't loud enough, and even then, it just didn't transmit properly or with any sense of quality, even being so close.

    So I took those back and did some research to find that the consensus was that you need to spend a few hundred to get something decent. When I get my fulls, I'll look into getting a system dependent on how much pillioning I do.
  6. I was talking rider-passenger. Do you want bike-to-bike intercoms? In that case, you really _do_ need to spend proper money.