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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Green Knight, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Can any one suggest a good quality passenger to passenger intercom ?


  2. [​IMG]

    Sorry, couldn't resist :oops:
  3. Watch next month's competition, there is one to be won ;)

    of course you would have to be a member in order to enter ;)
  4. Beat me to it Vic :wink: but I reckon Inci's suggestion is pretty good
  5. Completely offtopic, but hey Ducfreak, nice bike, my old man had a red SD 900 darmah that he bought new back in the late 70's. I have many fond memories of riding around with him on that machine :) He still misses it.
  6. Blue you make me feel my age now (b#$tard) I've been riding the old girl 20 years now (and as Maxwell Smart would say) "and loving it". Didn't get it new in '78 but did lust after one at the time :cry: .
    Sorry for going off topic but its too close to my heart.
    Back to topic, I do have a very good intercom on it. Wait a few days for the comp and find out which one.
  7. intercom

    well they are very expencive and you can plug in your phone and mp3 but you know those mini walkitalki type cb communicators well jay car have a kit for 70 bux that plugs in so you can chat to other ridders on your run or you passenger
  8. Just tried out our new Autocom intercom system this afternoon for the first time for rider to passenger communication.
    It works awsome, even at 100 kmh, we had no problems hearing each other talk.
    It has all the options for adding mp3 player, uhf radio and mobile phone, not that we have any intentions of using these options at this stage lol
    We have been waiting a long time to find a system that works well, and tried a few cheap systems that dont work at all at any sort of speed over 40kmh.
    Now we dont hyave to do the screaming and sign language any more.
    It works better than i could have imagined.
    It isnt real cheap, but we got ours from ebay USA, It was a slightly used model but in as new condition, but the pillion headset was never used.
    Saved quite a bit of money this way, although there is always the risk and worry when buying from ebay, especially from overseas. but the outcome was good for us this time.

    Hope this helps with your search for an intercom system.
  9. Last year I bought a Baehr intercom, as soon as I was able to start touring with my wife. Decided to keep things simple and stuck to the Baehr Active, which still has the option for all kind of extensions. Also bought a connection cable to connect any audio source (which is not at all that handy, unless you create an option to change the volume while you're riding). Communication with my passenger works great, great acoustics and the automatic voice activation works really well. Mind you, I haven't tried any other systems, so don't have any comparison. Building the speakers and mic into the helmets is a bit of a challenge, but definitely doable. I decided to stay away from the Bluetooth type of sets, since this will require recharging etc... and those cables or not at all in the way while riding. Check Challenger Motors (NZ) website, they do a great job in quick delivery and good price too.

    Enjoy the decision making...
  10. Check this months competition you might even win one.
  11. Thanks all - I have gone for the new Blueant Interphones. I'll let you know how they go.
  12. A scala rider cost me $75 off ebay.

    The BA rrp is $250 pricey unit