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Interclub Round one, Phillip Island, Sunday March 18th

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. If there is anyone who would like to come along and assist as a corner marshal you are more than welcome.

    A great way to see the racing up close!

    Full training given, if you have not done it before.

    Please email secretary@prestonmcc.com.au, if you are interested.
  2. Just another thing I have been banned from.....
  3. :deal: Time to make a stand 8-[
  4. Email sent.

  5. I might help out at the start line if I get there in time. Unfortunately I probably won't be out on point since I have to depart early...but we'll see how I feel once I get my head shaven the day before for the World's Greatest Shave (start donating people...linky in sig!)

  6. Well done mate!=D>
  7. I think Susan will be happy with that, good man.=D>
  8. She already has a pink safety vest ready for me...which will be interesting haha.
  9. Nothing wrong with pink:eek:
  10. Any one, please!
  11. Jap,
    Ill be coming down, ill give you a chop out if you need it.
    Ill give you a buzz today.
  12. Sorry Jap, I'm working
  13. Hope to see you there Paul.
  14. Yeah ill catch up with you Daz for sure
  15. I will see you down there Paul.

    Jap 8-[ :busting: