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Interclub round 2 - Broadford 17/6/2012

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by jap, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Any one racing? 8-[

  2. sammy is but you already new that oh by the way wrong photographer
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  3. May!!!!!
  4. =D>If you come, you can use my tools. No ducks at broady8-[

    :angel: Jap
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  5. Ha ha very funny!!! You provide the tools, ill provide the powerade!!!
  6. Deal! :deal: :biker:

  7. Im going to do my best to turn up for a watch.
  8. i think sheet is racing on that weekend.

    whilst im still a way off from giving it a crack, i might try turn up for some happy snaps. will see what happens :)
  9. I'm pretty sure Sheeth is giving it a crack. =D>
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  10. hahah, i said i think, but i know he is :p
  11. #12 Sheeth, Jun 9, 2012
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    Can't believe I only just saw this!

    I sure am racing, first time too can't wait.

    Weather is looking pretty frightening atm but I've got wets organised and I'm metaly prepared to rock though all those wet weather demons.

    I'll be in the novice, preston and 600 races. Look out for me! 30#

    Anyone heading down to the practice day on the Saturday? I'm thinking of heading down and doing a few session to acclimatise myself with the wet.


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  12. Didnt know there was saturday practice too! very tempted to get down for that as well!
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  13. especially as I have a voucher for free practice... Does anyone know the deal for booking in/ time to turn up etc for that?
  14. Motorcycling Victoria may have some info.
  15. Thinking about this too.....
  16. Do you have a free voucher for an MV practice day? If so, you should be able to rock up on the day, however the may be late payment fee...don't quote me on that. I suggest ringing them up first and see what they say.

    I might be marshalling on Sunday, see if they need anymore people at the start line. Unless for some miraculous reason I few hundred dollars land on my lap...then I'll be out racing :).

    Wet racing is fun Sheeth. I won my first race in the novice class in the wet :)...was fun and scary all at the same time. Wet socks suck though.
  17. Sure do! I'm also booked in to race on Sunday, so thinking of doing practice Saturday, then throwing a swag up Saturday night.
  18. Sounds like fun! Besides the most likely freezing cold, but good luck and have fun out there!
  19. I'd love to make a repeat of that Phong but I'll need to get out there in the wet before the race to be confident. I've never ridden on the track in the wet, not by choice but still!

    I'm considering that too Sammy, but my god it's going to be cold! SOOO COLD, I'd almost drive home and back just for a good nights sleep!!