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Interclub Road Racing

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by MVrog, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Round 2 of the Vic. interclub Series is on at Winton, this sunday.

    Free Admission.

    Anyone interested?
  2. You're so lucky. A certain well-known "promoter" has totally screwed club racing here in NSW. We might have to start running our races in Viccie!
  3. Love to.

    Er, hang on.

    Winton. Showers 13c.
    Cairns. Sunny 27c

    But we do have an Interclub in Mareeba on the 21st. Welcome to attend if you like.

    p.s Rog, the ironing is done.
  4. Cliff, I am glad that you have a nice crisp, freshly ironed shirt, to wear tomorrow. Tell liz to keep up the good work.

    You wish that you were going to Winton, don't you?
  5. It's t-shirts up here. My work colleagues wear shorts to customer sites...it's different up here.

    And yes, more than you can possibly imagine. Even with all the cold, the shitty gripless circuit, the appalling facilities and the car club who really hate bikes.

    ps. Lizzy reckons she's not ironed a shirt for me since she been here.
  6. She could iron your shorts, when she has finished the Vacuuming.
  7. Geez, it must be a generational thing. Do you iron the bed sheets as well?

    And it's hoovering. When will you learn!?
  8. It is hoovering in the UK.
  9. It's all relative. The UK is wherever you find it.
  10. I was transported for stealing a loaf of bread. I was only trying to feed my family.
  11. Whatever you call it, it still sucks. :LOL:
  12. Oh, dear. Paul, spank your bro.
  13. You guys need a chat room.

    And a housekeeper too by the sounds of it.

    I joined Preston this year to do the IC but circumstances keep conspiring to keep me away. This time it's clashed with an EC event. Hmmmm 7hrs away, icy, flat, cold, wet and slippery Winton OR just regular cold but dry EC that's 1/2hr away????? EC won this time.
  14. Well I'll be there ready to race in the friggen icy cold weathers...hopefully there isn't black ice on the friggen track.

    phong =P~
  15. Interclub

    Putting the wets on the sidecar tonight in readiness for water sport @ Winton. :roll:
  16. Yep, I'll be there & I'm packing the thermals.
  17. All of yez better pack your wet weather gear.

    This will not be pretty.
  18. Yeah been packing the wet stuff...and thermals. This will be an interesting weekend.

    phong =P~
  19. Bugger that.
  20. It was a lovely day, believe it or not. I got around in a T-shirt for most of it. That was a suprise.

    The racing was good too.

    NR poster "sidecar 55" may not agree with me.